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Alternative Amazon Tools to Jungle Scout

Posted on: 20-03-11-Wed 03:47
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Jungle Scout Review
Jungle Scout Alternatives

Amazon is a great site for online sellers. On amazon, you can promote your item to millions of customers. Even though they don't all purchase your item, majority of them will. This means that you've an opportunity to make more sales and generate more revenue. This makes Amazon the right platform for you to begin earning money through selling.

However, you cannot wake up in a day and begin to sell a particular item on Amazon. You have to conduct a research and determine the right or best item to sell on Amazon. Of course, this will be determined by a number of factors including competition, sourcing, demand etc. It is after determining the type of item to sell that you can begin working towards seen the item listed on Amazon. Note that choosing the item to sell is a key decision that determines your success or failure on Amazon.

Amazon allows the selling of different types of items. Due to their large number, these items are grouped into categories. It is difficult for you to determine the type of item to sell from such a huge pool of items. Luckily, there are automated tools for doing Amazon product research. Jungle Scout is the most preferred tool by Amazon sellers for conducting product research. Every seller, whether new or experienced runs to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Review

jungle scout free alternatives

Jungle scout is a tool for Amazon sellers. It's mostly used for product research. Jungle scout can be used in any of the following two ways:

  • Web application
  • Chrome extension.

The web application requires you to visit the jungle scout website and use it from there. Once you log into your jungle scout account, you will be able to use the web application to perform various tasks on Amazon. The chrome extension acts as an alternative to jungle scout web app. It provides an easy way of using the jungle scout tool. you simply install it on your chrome browse and begin to use it. You don't need to leave your current tab or leave your browser to open another app for performing analysis. You simply use it right from the item's product page on Amazon. This makes it easy and quick for you to get insights about your Amazon business.

Jungle scout provides its users with an opportunity to quickly search through thousands or millions of items. Other than product research, jungle scout provides other features that can be used to perform other functions including niche hunting, free webinars etc. It also provides its users with three payment plans, all priced differently.

Jungle scout is a great tool for amazon sellers. Despite that, the tool isn't good for everyone. So, the question is, are there alternatives to jungle scout? The answer is yes. There are Jungle Scout Alternative options that you choose to do Amazon product research. The good news is that some are even available for free. These are discussed below.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Here are some of the tools that you can use as alternatives to jungle scout:

IO Scout

IO Scout is a straight-forward and efficient tool for Amazon product research as well as tracking. Its data has more than 150 million Amazon items, showing details like prices, sales by IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator , revenue by IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator, reviews and BSR.

free alternative to jungle scout

IO Scout is well known for its high degree of accuracy compared to other alternatives to jungle scout. It's a good tool for retail and online arbitrage, private labels and dropshipping. It allows users to connect to up to 10 researchers.

To use IO Scout, you can choose its web app or install its Chrome extension. It's a good tool for both newbies and experienced Amazon sellers. It's cheaper compared to jungle scout, costing its users $414 yearly while jungle scout costs $480 yearly.

When you subscribe for a IO Scout account, you can install its Chrome extension for free. However, jungle scout's Chrome extension is billed separately. IO Scout is faster that jungle scout, loading in less than a second while the latter takes about 5 seconds to load. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Competitive price plans with IO Scout start from just $14.


This is a great 100% free jungle scout alternative. This means that you can use Scope Seller Labs without paying anything. It is a great tool for anyone who need to perform product research. It can help you know the best item to sell on Amazon. It consider various factors when determining the item to sell on Amazon. Examples of such factors include level of competition, market demand, shipping costs etc. It will assess all these factors and tell you the item that you can sell to earn more profit and face low level of competition.

Scope Seller Labs is also a great tool for keyword research. It will help you know the best keywords that you can use when listing your Amazon items to improve the sales ranking of the item. An improved sales rank for an item makes it more visible to customers. This can help you generate more sales for your item, giving you more revenue.

jungle scout alternatives

Scope may seem to be a bit basic compared to the paid tools, hence, good for beginners. It offers reverse ASIN lookup on certain items which helps users know the keywords used by some of the most successful items on the platform. This will help you know the tricks that your competitors are using to make sales on Amazon. You can use the keywords that your competitors are using and improve the sales rank of your item. If you realize there are important keywords they are not using, implement them in your item listing and you will beat them.

Unicorn Smasher

This is a great tool developed by AMZ Tracker. You can download and use the tool for free, and it's a great tool for Amazon product research. unicorn Smasher gives its users more accurate sales estimates and a comprehensive real-time data. Users are provided with a quick way of navigating from one product niche to another and get insights about ranking, ratings and pricing and product reviews.

jungle scout alternatives

Unicorn Smasher is a great tool for checking the optimization of canonical URLs. It can be used together with AMZ Tracker to get a more powerful amazon selling tool. However, you must note that doing that will attract some charge for using the AMZ Tracker tool.

Most jungle scout free alternative tools are good for new Amazon sellers and those not serious with their Amazon selling business. For experienced Amazon sellers, they may look for more comprehensive tools that will help them expend their Amazon businesses. Yes, there is a charge, but it's worth running your Amazon business with a more comprehensive tool that will help you elevate your business.

AMZ Scout

The AMZ Scout tool takes over from where the free tools stop. This tool is popular for the high degree of accuracy it offers when performing sales estimates. That's why most sellers refer to it as a reliable Amazon seller tool and a good alternative to jungle scout.

free alternative to jungle scout

If you decide to use this tool, you will have the opportunity of using for free for 7 days. It's after this that you can make a purchase if you find it good for you. It provides with three plans:

  • Basic which costs $19.99 monthly
  • Start Package which costs $29.99 monthly
  • Business Package which costs $39.99 monthly.

All the above packages come with keyword trackers, product databases, and an analysis for competitors. The basic package allows tracking of up to 20 items at a go, the Start package allows for tracking of up to 40 items monthly while the Business package allows for tracking of up to 80 items monthly.

Amz Scout has many other uses other than as a product research tool. When you log into AMZ Scout website, you can enjoy using free FBA calculators and free estimators. Most reviews from customers about AMZ Scout are positive, with most of them praising it for its accuracy, 24/7 availability and reliability.


ASINspector is a great listing detective tool and good for both starting and experienced Amazon sellers. It has an "open in store" feature that allows sellers to look out for listings in stores like eBay, Alibaba, Walmart and AliExpress. It comes with extra features that are not available in jungle scout including niche and product ideas.

free alternative to jungle scout

ASINspector is a great tool for spying your competitors'm items. You can know the keywords a particular item is using to rank and the position of the item in search rankings within a button click. Additionally, users are able to access a profit calculator while wholesale sellers are provided with an additional feature that they can use to determine the profitability of making bulk purchases on Amazon.

Most Amazon sellers have claimed that most tools underestimate sales, which is a great problem. ASINspector helps you solve this provide, provide you with an accurate estimation of product sales.


Kirpt is affiliated to ASINspector, and it visually appeals to its users. It's a nice tool for those Amazon sellers in need of getting results at a glance, making it a good alternative to jungle scout. It provides simple graphs which show the number of sales made and the number of reviews an item receives daily. It also provides options for negative keywords, viewing sellers and the reverse ASIN keywords for every listing.

Kiprt provides a pricing model that is different from other Amazon seller tools. It requires users to purchase credits for the features they need to use. If the credits get exhausted, the user can purchase more. This pricing model has left many amazon sellers claim that kiprt is a pricey tool, hence, they don't like it. Again, many sellers have complained that it's a slow tool, hence, it's not good for sellers in need of instant results.


This tool helps both starting and experienced Amazon sellers achieve success. The tool can be used as a chrome extension, making it a simple tool to use by Amazon sellers. Some of the features offered by the tool include profit estimators, inventory and rank trackers and competition analytics.

Jungle Scout Alternative

One of the greatest features provided by Amachete is the Hijack Monitor. The purpose of this tool is to monitor your item listings constantly and notify you anytime they detect an hijacker. The hijack will also be shut up right before they can access the sales that belong to you.

The tool provides its users with a 14-day free trial period. The packages begin from $39 for a straight-forward product tracker. Many amazon sellers refer to Amachete as a better alternative to jungle scout because of its reliability. Other factors for which it is praised for include proactive customer service, ease of use and switching plans with ease.


The CashCowPro is a bit priced tools that comes with some useful features. The CashCowPro team describes it as number 1 Amazon selling tool. The tool comes with a Chrome extension that you can download for free. They also feature the top 20 million best Amazon sellers.

similar to jungle scout

However, Cash Cow Pro doesn't provide its users with a way of filtering the product lists, which is frustrating. This comes despite them stating that they provide all tools necessary for Amazon sellers. However, the most important filters are provided.

It provides a way of searching using a keyword or using the number of sellers. However, users are not provided with a way of deleting items from the listing, which is not good for house keeping. CashCowPro costs $49.97 monthly $997 yearly.


When planning and running your Amazon selling business, the AMZShark is a must have tool. It is similar to jungle scout in that you can use it to track the sales of a product. It also comes with other useful features, including Shark Score which acts as a competitive score for various niches. It's an accurate and fast tool, and it support Amazon marketplaces in China and Japan. Note that jungle scout does not support these marketplaces, making AMZShark a better alternative to jungle scout.

how much does amazon fba cost

However, it a weakness associated with it. Its filtering is inferior compared to the one offered by jungle scout. With AMZShark, you use it for free for the first one month of joining it. However, you will be required to pay $299 monthly after the expiry of that month. The price may seem to be much, but it comes with useful tools like tracking sales of up to 1000 products and 1500 keywords.

All amazon sellers should value their products much, hence, they should invest in software tools that will help you boost your Amazon trade.

Helium 10

This is another tool to use when launching your Amazon product. It will help you conduct a successful product research and refine search engine optimization and run a successful product launch. When you open the Helium 10 inventory, you will find tools for performing various tasks including keyword research, product research, product launches, ongoing maintenance, listing optimization etc.

similar to jungle scout

Most Amazon sellers who have used this tool agree that it's an indispensable part of the work of Amazon sellers. With Helium 10, you get to access 13 tools in a single platform. If you don't like to use its web app, you can install its chrome extension and integrate it with your Amazon account. The Helium 10 tool will help you make most Amazon selling tasks easier. While on the Helium 10 dashboard, you can access all Amazon data that you need to run a successful Amazon business. Yes, you can sell on amazon without using this tool, but if you need to see a faster growth of your business, make sure you use it to run your Amazon business.

With most Amazon seller tools, one had to subscribe to various tools and combine information from various tools since no single tool could show all the required information. Its dashboard is simple to use, and you can access all information you need from the same. No need to open different browser tabs or open different screens on your computer.

The payment for Helium 10 is made up of a free plan and three other paid plans including:

  • A La Carte plan which costs $17 monthly
  • Platinum plan which costs $97 monthly
  • Diamond plan which costs $197 monthly.

You also have access to two different discount plans.

Viral Launch

This is another tool for Amazon sellers that can provide an alternative option to jungle scout. With viral launch, you can perform an in-depth product research than jungle scout. When you subscribe for viral launch, you will be able to use its chrome extension for free. However, jungle scout offers this as a standalone purchase. You can also keep on monitoring your item listing and do any necessary optimization to increase your sales.

When starting your Amazon business, viral launch is a great tool. It will help you discover the right item to sell on Amazon. You can use viral launch to determine the historical performance of an item, including its monthly sales, monthly revenue etc. The history is shown for the past 12 months of the item.

You can use Viral Launch to perform these tasks:

  • Sales estimation
  • Listings optimization
  • Product analysis
  • Product launch

It also comes with packages that can be used to offer other services coupon codes and add-ons.The tool provides its users with 4 payment plans:

  • Beginner's Research Kit which costs $50.15 monthly
  • Pro Seller package which costs $84.15 monthly
  • Brand Builder Package which costs $126.65 monthly
  • Data hunter package which costs $339.15 monthly.


AmazeOwl is a great tool for Amazon sellers, coming with more than 600 million items and supporting 11 Amazon marketplaces. It's a great tool for performing Amazon product research, and provides its users with very accurate data. To use this tool, you can choose its web application available on its website or the chrome extension. The chrome extension provides you with an easy way of using the tool. When using the extension, you get product details right from the Amazon page of an item instead of leaving the page to open another app.

With AmazeOwl, you simply scroll through various Amazon items and any time it identifies a profitable item for you to sell, it explains to you. This will help you sell the right item on Amazon, and you will stay ahead of your competitors. They have a huge database of Amazon products, and this database is updated regularly.

Its data is very accurate, showing items using 5-star system that helps give you an entry point, available demand and the potential profit. Its desktop app can save items directly from amazon, working very effectively. It keeps watching the level of competition on Amazon, hence, you can plan the right strategies to implement to overcome the competition.

It provides its users with three plans, with one option being free. They include:

  • Starter plan which is for sellers starting on Amazon. The plan is Free.
  • Growth Plan which is for sellers in need of launching their first Amazon item. It costs $9.99 monthly if you pay annually.
  • Established which is for sellers in need of finding and launching multiple Amazon items in parallel. It costs$15.99 monthly, annually.

AmazeOwl is easy to use and is among the many jungle scout alternatives.


Amazon is a great site for sellers, especially those who need to promote their brand worldwide. There is a large customer base on Amazon. This means that there is a potential to make sales on Amazon. However, selling on Amazon is not simple. Listing your item on Amazon is not a guarantee of making sales. Some sellers list their items but fail to make sales. The reason is that they fail to put in extra effort to reach shoppers on the platform.

There are many tasks involved when selling on Amazon. Doing such tasks manually may be time-consuming and some may be impossible. You need to automate the tasks involved when selling on Amazon. Jungle scout is a tool for automating most Amazon tasks. It's mostly used for product research. Jungle scout can be used in any of the following two ways, web application and chrome extension. Jungle scout provides its users with an opportunity to quickly search through thousands or millions of items. Other than product research, jungle scout provides other features that can be used to perform other functions including niche hunting, free webinars etc. It also provides its users with three payment plans, all priced differently.

However, there are other tools that can be used as alternatives to jungle scout. The good thing is that some of these tools are simple and free to use. With these tools, you can accomplish the same tasks that you accomplish using jungle scout. Others also come with extra features that jungle scout doesn't provide. You will realize that these tools differ in terms of the level of accuracy they offer. Some are better than jungle scout, while others are less effective than jungle scout. Knowing such tools will help you choose the best and run successful and profitable Amazon business.

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