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Amazon Review Checker - An Important Seller Tool

Posted on: 20-02-12-Wed 19:33
Home Toolkit Amazon Review Checker - An Important Seller Tool

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Whether you are offering goods on the biggest online retailer known as Amazon or purchasing something from this platform, you probably have the idea that there are thousands of merchants on this site offering the same and different kinds of items.

When there are so many options available to the shoppers, it is your task to make your item visible to them and convince them to purchase your item by showing them how it is different from other similar goods and the great features it possesses.

For this, you have to adopt different smart strategies such as optimizing your content for a better rank in the results of different search queries, writing a convincing title and features of your item and maintaining positive ratings and reviews on your page.

However, having good ratings and reviews for your goods is not as easy process as it might seem. There are several factors that influence these things. First of all, if you are not offering a top-notch item with unique features that purchasers desire, you will not be able to satisfy them which in turn means they won’t leave positive feedback. Secondly, some shoppers just forget to leave a review even if they loved your item so you have to request them to write a review.

Furthermore, since it is such a competitive platform, sometimes your rivals may leave fake negative reviews on your goods to make them less valuable so that shoppers turn to their products. This is a serious issue which you must pay attention to and resolve as soon as possible otherwise your sales will decrease.

You must be thinking I don’t have enough time or energy to monitor so many reviews every day and read them carefully to find the fake ones. Well, worry not! With the invention of the review checker, you don’t have to manually do all of this as this software will automatically bring you the comments which are not legit so that you can deal with them.

If you want to know in detail the importance of feedback and how you can discover the fake ones through fake review spotter, this guide is the right place for you.

Importance of Reviews on your Page

Reviews are actually the comments that buyers write about the quality of your goods. It a feedback platform that gives them the chance to express if they are satisfied or they want improvements which in turn is the chance for you as a merchant to further enhance your goods to gain an advantage over your competitors and generate more sales and income.

Although there is always slight room for improvement in most of the items, you must make sure before introducing them on such a big platform with a massive audience that your goods are of high-quality with the features required by shoppers. It is not rocket science that without it your goods will not be able to perform well.

People these days trust feedback from other shoppers and it greatly influences their decision of whether they should buy an item or not. If your buyers are unhappy with the item they received, they will write negative reviews about it which means low ratings and that is one of the major reasons for fewer sales. So to achieve success your aim should be to fully satisfy your buyers.

Although Amazon has never officially revealed how does it rank the goods in the search results, the most common assumption on the basis of results is that it is based on no. of sales, relevant title and features of goods through keywords and higher ratings and reviews.

You see the importance of feedback here? Positive reviews can help you rank better which means more sales while negative ones can hurt your ranking and performance.

Moreover, if you have good feedback for your goods, you will have an increased probability of getting the order through Buy Box, which every merchant wants.

How to Improve Ratings and Get More Positive Reviews?

If you have low ratings and negative reviews it means shoppers aren’t happy with your product. However, don’t worry, these can be significantly improved through several steps.

Firstly, respond to the queries of your customers and if they are requesting for refund or exchange look into the matter and resolve the issues. This way they will be happy with your customer service and there are more chances that they will leave a positive rating or review.

You should also pay attention to the old reviews from your purchasers and figure out which aspect of your item they are not satisfied with and see if any improvements can be done. If you make your item according to the needs of shoppers they will definitely give positive feedback.

Moreover, don’t exaggerate the features of your goods. If you mention the features of your item which it actually doesn’t offer, shoppers will have high expectations before purchasing it and when they receive it they will be disappointed which means negative feedback. Usually, most of the negative reviews on different items are because of this reason. So always present the characteristics of your product that it really possesses.

Another thing to refrain from is adding sponsored reviews on your product page because these can get you banned as Amazon is has a strict policy against these type of reviews. No to mention, if you have all the good feedback shoppers can figure out it is not from real buyers.

However, sometimes even resolving all of the above issues you still receive a lot of negative reviews. Don’t blame yourself or your item for this because these are mostly fake reviews from your competitors who want to devalue your goods so that shoppers can buy their items. This is a common practice which is why it is important for merchants to use an amazon fake review checker.

What is the Amazon Reviews Checker?

It is a very useful tool for sellers which lets them analyze the reviews left by buyers on their product especially the negative ones so that they can determine whether they are fake or legit. If they are legit, you can gain important information about what needs to be improved. This way you can boost your sales. Fake reviews are usually placed by your rivals offering similar goods.

Since it is not possible for a seller to monitor so many comments every day and pick out the negative ones and then analyze them to determine if they are legit or not, this tool comes in handy for this purpose. It is definitely a time-saving tool that helps you operate more efficiently.

There are various such tools created by different developers, some of which must be purchased while others are free to use.

How does it work?

The tool uses an algorithm which is designed to detect the fake comments based on its content and the details of the reviewer. These type of reviews generally have the same type of content with a few words here and there and come from unverified purchases. If you analyze the history of such reviewers, you may find they have mostly posted negative comments for different items.

Most of these tools are easy to use tool with a simple interface. To get the results through this tool you need the URL of the item you want to analyze and paste it into the tool. It will then use the algorithm and show you the positive and negative reviews for you along with the fake ones within a few minutes.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

When there are so many options available it can become difficult which tool is the perfect one for you. Below we have listed the top tools for monitoring feedback on your goods along with their features and functions. Some of these can be purchased while some are available for free.


  • AMZ Reviews Tracker
  • ProductReviewMonitoring
  • Fakespot
  • ReviewMeta


  • AMZ Reviews Tracker

This tool lets you monitor any bad reviews on your goods so that you can respond to them as quickly as possible and resolve any issues of shoppers. This, in turn, will help you to improve your ratings by satisfying your buyers and generate more sales. This powerful tool is used by many sellers mainly due to its ability to produce accurate results. It doesn’t skip even a single bad review.

Any review with a rating of less than 3 is considered negative by this software. It scans your listing once every day and if it spots any bad feedback it immediately notifies you if you have enabled the alters.

You can use this tool in the dashboard of AMZ Tracker along with many other efficient features for sellers. It can be accessed for free for 7 days by simply signing up, however, after the trial period is over you can subscribe to one of the 4 available subscription packages.

The basic package is available for $50 per month and allows tracking 50 negative review items while the professional plan can be used for $100/month. The Legend package costs $400/month and consists of more advanced functions and features.

  • ProductReviewMonitoring

This is another strong tool that will show you all the bad feedback comments and assist you in finding the right answers for them to save your time and help you operate more efficiently. Itz dashboard is highly organized and has an attractive design which makes it easy to analyze the data.

It utilizes NLP and Machine Learning to help you create effective responses to the feedback and issues of the purchasers. Moreover, it allows you to keep tabs on your competitors so that you can learn from their effective strategies and understand their weaknesses. It also lets you discover the strengths and weak points of different goods.

You can try it without any cost by requesting a demo where their customer support will help you understand what the tool offers and will answer all your queries. Then you will give you access to a trail dashboard with all the features and functions so that you can decide if you want to continue using this efficient software and if you do, you can discuss the pricing plans.

  • Fakespot

check reviews amazon

Amazon sellers and even shoppers all around the world are using this tool for discovering fake reviews on different items. It brings you real-time data and has strong AI for scanning thousands of reviews and hence gives accurate results very quickly. It supports several other popular sites such as Walmart and Sephora.

To use this tool, simply go to the website of Fakespot and enter the URL of the item you want to analyze. It will then show you the total number of reviews, the percentage of genuine reviews, and tells you what the reviewers are saying about the item. It will also present the most positive feedback and the most negative one.

Furthermore, users can also see the most legit and least legit comment. A plugin for the Chrome web browser is also available. This simple yet amazing software is available for free.

Shoppers can also use these details to decide if the item is trustworthy and whether they should purchase it or not.

  • ReviewMeta

Amazon Review Checker

This is a great free app for analyzing the reviews on your goods and displays the fake and negative ones. Sellers can also use it to understand whether the reviews on their desired item are genuine and if they should trust them or not.

To use this easy tool simply visit the website and enter the URL of the item. The app will then present you with a detailed report about the product which can be understood by anyone.

It conducts 10 tests to figure out which ones are not legit so you get the most accurate results. For each test, it will show a status of the pass, fail or warn. The tests include rating trends, unverified purchases, and phrase repetition, etc. It even shows a written analysis for every test. For example, for unverified purchases test, it will tell you how many reviews are from unverified purchase.

One of the best features of this app is that it calculates the adjusted rating for you by excluding the biased, fake and sponsored reviews from the overall ratings and only takes into account the most genuine ones. This is a great way to understand how much is your item rating affected by fake feedback.

Since reviews are the best opportunity for you to find which aspects of your item need improvement you must get the information from the genuine ones. This app shows you the most authentic and least authentic ones so that you can extract the right info.

A Chrome plugin is of this app is also available which will let you see the adjusted rating while you browse the item so that you don’t have to leave the page. By clicking on the icon you can get the full report.

  • BQool

review checker amazon

This is another outstanding app for tracking and monitoring reviews on your items. It will show you all the reviews that purchasers left in the previous 3 months or 90 days.

Since many satisfied buyers often forget to leave a review or they just don’t feel it is important, you can ask them to give feedback but it will take a lot of your precious time if you contact every customer individually. This tool lets you automate this process and send emails to every purchaser on your behalf requesting them for feedback.

However, if any buyer contacts you for support or refund etc. it will not send the emails to them. The app also helps you with discovering and selecting the most profitable goods by using the data of around 80 million items. A chrome plugin for this purpose is also available.

You can also monitor the performance of your competitors to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. A free trial is offered after which you can purchase a subscription package.

Removing Negative Reviews

The tool for tracking reviews only shows you the negative and fake reviews and doesn’t remove them from your item’s page. If you want to eliminate them, you can do this in a few different ways. However, here you must know that you should not remove all the negative reviews more specifically that are from legit purchasers consisting of genuine feedback.

If your goods have all the positive reviews, it will be suspicious and the shoppers may think these are not genuine rather paid ones. But, you must ensure that you eliminate all the fake ones. If the reviews are violating Amazon’s terms of services and policies you can contact the purchasers and request them to change it or delete it or you can ask Amazon to delete them.

Is Review Monitor the Only Tool That Sellers Need?

It sure is an excellent tool that lets the sellers improve their sales and earn a high income but it alone isn’t enough for them to achieve success. Since there are several steps involved in increasing sales, there are different tools and software that sellers needs for enhancing their performance.

To be successful on this platform you first need to ensure that you are selling the right items, which are those that have the capacity to produce a lot of sales and great profits. This can be done through different tools designed for discovering the best items.

Next, you have to determine the fees associated with selling that specific item. There are several types of costs involved such as packaging charges etc. so it can be time-consuming but then again you can use tools for this purpose.

Then there are tools for discovering the suitable and appropriate to enhance your listings, which is another key element of getting a better search rank. Many other efficient tools are also at your disposal such as for estimating profits, tracking price drops, monitoring your competitors and so on.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is among the biggest marketplace with a very high competition which means you have to act smartly and use all the strategies required to achieve success. From discovering the right item to enhancing your listing and spotting fake reviews, you must focus on every aspect as these can greatly affect your sales and income both positively and negatively.

Reviews by the purchasers play a very important role in the reputation of the goods and can either convince other shoppers to purchase your item or leave a negative impression on their minds. So, you must always monitor the feedback and respond to the negative ones and resolve all the issues that customers have.

Sometimes your competitors who are offering the same type of stuff can leave fake negative feedback on your item to decrease its ratings so that more shoppers turn to their goods. This is another reason for you to constantly track reviews.

Monitoring so many reviews daily and separating the negative and fake ones manually is almost impossible that is why many people are using the tools for this purpose. These tools are very useful and quickly show you the reviews that are not genuinely based on several factors and help you deal with them immediately. You can either use a free or paid tool depending on your needs and requirements.

However, it is not the only tool that can boost your sales you must pay attention to other factors as well.


Q: Are Amazon reviews reliable?

A: Not all the reviews are genuine. Some are sponsored by the sellers to improve the ratings of their goods while some are written by competitors to dent the reputation of the items in order to get buyers to purchase their items. If you want to know which ones are legit and which ones are fake, you can use the tools for spotting reviews.

Q: How do I know if a review on Amazon is legit?

A: This can be done quickly by using the tools for tracking feedback and reviews. These tools are very efficient and generate accurate results within a short span of time. Reviews play a vital role in getting the shoppers to purchase your items because people these days trust the feedback from other purchasers and use it to decide if the item is worth purchasing.

Q: Do ratings help in ranking higher in search results?

A: Amazon hasn’t officially stated exact factors that determine the rank. However, based on the results, it is assumed that positive reviews and high ratings are definitely among these factors so you must focus on these.

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