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Amazon Sales Estimators: How to Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

Posted on: 20-10-19-Mon 18:43
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Amazon Sales Estimator Explained
Top Amazon Sales Estimators
What is Amazon Rank? What is BSR?
Final Thoughts

If you have been selling on Amazon FBA then you are likely already well aware of the tough market that you are facing. According to research conducting in 2018, there were over two million sellers using Amazon FBA in the United States in the year of 2017. Those numbers have likely only risen in the last three years making the competition sharper and harder to wade through than ever.

If you have experienced any of this competition then you may wish that you had some kind of psychic powers to determine which products will be best sellers and which ones will cause you to lose money. While we are not going to be featured on any psychic shows any time soon, we have compiled a list of tools that can help you make the very best decisions about your Amazon storefront based on trends on the actual Amazon market.

Amazon Sales Estimator Explained

amazon sales estimator

The overwhelming saturation of various products that are being sold on Amazon creates a fierce competition among Amazon sellers. Of course, all sellers long to be successful on the Amazon marketplace, but not everyone is going to achieve that goal. That is just the cold hard truth about it. However, there is a solution that can significantly increase your chances of being successful on the Amazon marketplace.

If you want to ensure that you are successful, you can use a formula to predict which products are most likely to sell with a high profit margin. Even more, you can actually use a similar formula to determine which product will sell at high volumes. By comparing these numbers, you can increase the opportunity to make a really nice profit on your Amazon FBA store. Of course, you could sit down and do the math yourself, but it is not likely you have access to the right statistics for this particular formula to be helpful for you.

This is where an Amazon Sales Estimator can really help your success in the business of selling on Amazon. There are quite a few different online sales volume estimators that can help you predict your success with various products and product prices. Once you have signed up to use an Amazon Sales Estimator, all you have to do is select a category, input the item rank, and then you will see the average sales numbers appear right on your screen. As you can imagine, this can be extremely beneficial for the Amazon business person.

Top Amazon Sales Estimators

There are a variety of options that you can use online for an Amazon Sales Estimator. You will need to make a choice about which one you think is best for you. However, we have compiled a simple overview of the top options you may want to consider.

1. IO Scout

The IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is by far the most popular platform for a ton of Amazon sellers. This is one of the most widely used and trusted platforms for Amazon sellers which makes it hard to leave it off of this list.

Probably one of the very best aspects about the IO Scout Sales Estimator is that it can be used absolutely free of cost. Users agree that it is fairly accurate. Of course, there is no estimator that will be able to exactly pinpoint your sales, but this one can give you a really good idea about what you might be able to accomplish.

Signing up is easy, and they even have an app that is compatible with mobile devices which makes this a really good choice for the busy Amazon seller who needs to access information on the go. You will need to have some information about your current Amazon account such as your sales rank. This is true of all of the Amazon Sales Estimator services available online.

2. Helium 10

Some software is clearly above the rest. While Helium 10 does not necessarily have a larger following than other options, it is arguably a more in-depth tool to take a look at your productivity on Amazon by product.

Helium 10 is a diverse software that gives you access to over 20 unique features designed to maximize your profit in a variety of ways. One major fringe benefit of Helium 10 is that they do have an option to use the software at no charge for a limited time. This allows you to weight the options of how much you think it will help you before you take the plunge into spending money on the software.

There is a tool on the Helium 10 that will allow you to view keywords to be more likely to appear on the first page of an Amazon search. This is easily done, but with the help of Helium 10 you can really maximize the volume of views that each of your product receives on the Amazon platform.

3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

This service is a great tool for the Amazon seller looking to boost their business on the Amazon marketplace. Viral Launch is a company who actually offers a variety of products, services, and software to boost your business in Amazon and elsewhere.

The Market Intelligence product provided by Viral Launch is actually a software solution. This solution gives users insights into the market on the Amazon Marketplace and allows you to see how certain products have performed in the past. Further, the software analyzes buying trends and searches to understand how products a liable to perform on the current market. This is a great tool for the Amazon Seller to beat the competitive market.

Another great aspect of the company of Viral Launch is that they are incredibly personal when compared to other companies who provide similar services. Viral Launch actually pairs each of their customers with a business consultant whose sole job it is to boost sales and productivity on your page.

Another really cool feature of the Viral Launch software is that is has a built-in Amazon sales rank calculator. This means that you will get an in-depth look at the potential for each product. Viral Launch claims to be the most accurate in projected data over all of the other options. This may be true, as Viral Launch uses historical data as well as simulations to provide their customers with potential sales numbers.

4. AMZ Scout Estimator

This particular sales estimator is probably the most user-friendly version that is currently available for Amazon sellers. The AMZ Scout sales estimator allows Amazon sellers who understand their product’s Amazon rank to input certain information and predict how well a particular product will do over a certain amount of time. This is another fairly simple version of the Amazon Sales Rank Estimator, but when used correctly it could be a great tool for increasing your rank on the Amazon platform.

5. Unicorn Smasher

Unlike its name suggests, Unicorn Smasher is a beneficial tool for the Amazon seller that actually helps you understand your Amazon FBA data. It is an extension that can be added to the Google Chrome web browser, so it is really only beneficial to those who currently use this browser on a daily basis.

Unicorn smasher is a free version of the other Chrome extension apps that do the same type of calculations. They use data to guess how much you are going to sell on a particular product. Even more, they give you specific tips and insights into how to increase your sales on the Amazon FBA platform for a particular product.

This tool is geared at helping the user understand the market on a wholistic view. Rather than in an isolated software. You can see the actual analysis of your performance on the screen without having to toggle back and forth like you do on other similar apps. This Amazon sales volume estimator is easy to use for the average seller.

Much like the other tools available, you will be saving a lot of time using Unicorn Smasher that you would have otherwise been spending crunching numbers to figure out how to dig yourself out of an Amazon rut. This tool is a great place to start in understanding Amazon’s numbers.

What is Amazon Rank? What is BSR?

fba amazon calculator

Amazon is an incredibly complicated market, they are a giant in the industry of sales and as such they have incredibly complex formulas that they use to enhance the experience of the consumer on their website. This is of course done to keep customers happy, but it also ensures that Amazon sellers have a certain job security. Imagine if customers were not happy with their Amazon experiences how much harder it would be to sell a product on the platform than it already is.

In order to ensure that customers have the very best experiences on the Amazon platform, Amazon has devised a formula that ranks products and sellers to decide which products are featured on the first page for certain keywords that are searched.

For example, if a product is ranked number one, then that product is considered the most popular product that is purchased within that search. However, if your product is ranked number 24 for a particular search then you know that there are 23 other similar products that are more popular within that same search category and terms.

Along the same lines, Amazon gives certain products a ribbon or a banner on their search result that reads “best seller.” This is a great honor to have on one of your products as it gives the buyer a reason to trust that your product is better than all of the other products on the list.

The Best Seller Rank is given to certain products that are listed on Amazon who are able to achieve higher sales than the other items in that same list. This is calculated within a specific time frame. You actually do not even need an Amazon Sales Rank Calculator to view your products that have a best seller rank. This information can be accessed straight from the seller page on the Amazon platform.

How is my product’s Amazon Sales Rank determined?

As mentioned earlier, the notion of Amazon ranking their products is extremely beneficial to both the customer and to Amazon as a company. This process ensures that customers only see the very best products when they perform a quick search on the Amazon platform. In order to achieve accurate results, Amazon has had to come up with some serious math to manage all of the millions of products that are bought and sold on the Amazon platform each day.

One important factor to remember when considering your Amazon sales rank is that this number is based solely on the quantity of products sold in comparison to other similar products within a single category. Using an Amazon sales estimator can actually improve your chances of selling more volume on the market.

So, how is it calculated? Well, the Amazon formula does not consider product reviews. This is important because regardless of how satisfied your customers are, Amazon’s product ranking formula only considers the number of products sold.

There is a formula that Amazon employs which we will not bore you with here. However, the formula takes several factors into account. If you want your product to rank higher on the Amazon sales rank, then you need to consider the factors that are included in this formula. The formula compares recent number of sales to historical sales numbers to the same factors for other products within that category. It is important to note that the recent sales numbers have a heavier weight than the historical sales, but both of these factors are still important.

These numbers are updated extremely frequently. They even update bestsellers on an hourly basis. Theoretically, a new product could become a bestseller in its first hour on the platform if it were to perform well enough. Although this is highly unlikely, it is interesting to note that the formula updates that frequently.

Once the formula has combined each of the product’s sales and then properly given them their percentage, it compares each of these factors to the other products. Within the proper category, Amazon ranks the products in a descending order.

So, when a customer searches for a particular product, the number one ranked product appears first and the products descend based on popularity.

As you can imagine, it is incredibly hard to get out of the slump once your product is not ranked very high on the scale of popularity. If your item is ranking at one hundred, then it is less likely to be seen by people who are searching for that product. Consequently, it is less likely to be purchase. Of course, if your item is not purchased then it is not going to climb the ranks.

In this way the Amazon ranking process is cyclical and not exactly in a positive way. Although Amazon likely will not change this formula anytime soon, it would be beneficial to sellers for Amazon to consider product reviews and star ratings in this formula in the future. However, the seller can use an FBA Amazon calculator to improve their rank nonetheless.

What should my goal sales rank be on Amazon?

Ideally, you would probably like for your product to land on the first page of an Amazon search. Some of the categories on Amazon have hundreds and thousands of results. This is especially true for the most competitive of the categories. For this reason, you want your product to rank well and rank well quickly so that it does not get lost in the abyss.

Obviously, as an Amazon seller you understand that the better rank your product has, the better chance you have of making a sale. You would probably like to be number one on the search page for every product you sale, but that might not be a realistic goal for the product you are trying to sale.

For example, if there are one hundred products in a particular category search and your product is ranked number 10. That means that there are nine other products that are surpassing you in sales, especially recently. However, as a seller, you also have to keep in mind that your product surpasses the other ninety products that are listed in that category.

This may not be the best example because the chances are that you are up against far more than one hundred competitors in the Amazon platform. However, ranking high enough to be on the first page should be your ultimate goal.

Think for a moment about the last time you made a purchase online. You probably were not even thinking about the Amazon sales ranking process, but I bet you did not bother to look through every page of the options available. At most, people scroll through three or four pages before getting bored and deciding to make a decision.

Again, the higher you are able to rank the more easily you will make a sale. Even better, the higher you rank the more likely you are to keep your spot on the first page of an Amazon search. At least for the time being.

How does an Amazon Sales Estimator Help Me?

The Amazon Sales Estimator is a tool that no true business person should be going without. If you really want to make a living selling products on the Amazon FBA platform, then you need to treat it like a real business does.

Take Amazon for example. Amazon is a business. They have developed complicated mathematical formulas to maximize their productivity and increase their sales. Likewise, you should take your business just as serious as the sales giant of Amazon does.

Using a sales estimator is your best chance at making serious strides on the Amazon platform to begin making some real money. There are several benefits that can be derived from using the software of an Amazon Sales Estimator.

  1. When you use one of these tools, you can calculate the potential sales volume of a potential product. This will help you to understand specific insights about the current state of the market. Further, you can make decisions based on these insights that can help keep you from losing money or wasting time.
  2. Using one of these platforms gives you insight into the profit and sales numbers of your biggest competitors. By understanding how many units a competitor is selling, you can make a clear goal for how many units you must sell to surpass them and rank higher on the platform than they currently do.
  3. Many of these Amazon sales rank estimators make your daily life much easier and less complicated by doing the work for you. You do not have to create and manage spreadsheets. Also, employees can easily access the software making it easier to share information between the stakeholders of your business. 
  4. The sales estimator can help you estimate the volume of a particular product. This information gives you a valuable look at how to improve the practices surrounding your business and make more solid choices in creating a firm business plan moving forward to improve your overall rank.
  5. A great deal of this information can be accessed through websites that are completely free to use. This means that this information is completely free for you to access and there is really no excuse not to utilize the tools available to you. Of course, there are also paid versions that give you much more in-depth understandings of your products if it is something you desire to invest in.

Final Thoughts

There is really no excuse not to utilize the free tools that can be found by using an Amazon sales estimator. These tools can be extremely beneficial in creating an understanding of your products performance on Amazon that can change the way your business functions at its very core. By using these calculating tools, you can boost your overall rank on the Amazon FBA platform ensuring better sales and a better understanding of how to run your business moving forward.

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