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Amazon Seller Central - All You Need To Know

Posted on: 20-03-18-Wed 04:24
Home Guide to Selling on Amazon Amazon Seller Central - All You Need To Know
What is Amazon Seller Central?
How to Set Up your Account on Amazon Seller Center 
Types of Product to Sell on Amazon
Key Amazon Seller Central Dashboard Features
Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central
How to Maximize your Benefits from Seller Central Amazon
The Don’ts of Amazon Seller Central: 

It is an entirely different thing to get started on Amazon, just as it is also different from becoming an expert at making use of the Amazon Seller Central. Basically, the idea here is that you may find it quite tricky and challenging to navigate your ways through the interface to get what you are looking for, especially if you are a newbie on the platform. And this is why we advise that you know everything about the Amazon Seller Central before actually getting started. Bear in mind that if you do need some assistance with navigating your way through Amazon Seller Central, check out IO Scout , specifically the benefits of Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant - IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Definitely an asset to any Amazon FBA selling business.

Having understood this, we have consequently provided a detailed guide to help you a great deal in ensuring that you utilize the Amazon Seller Central to the maximum. In other words, we can be safe to say that this guide is your crafty handbook as a seller on Amazon, as it contains almost all – if not all – the information you need to be equipped with, in other to make the best use of the platform and also get the best of your business right there. 

In this guide, we have included the several benefits you are open to enjoy as a user of the Amazon Seller Central, how to get started with the Amazon Seller Central, the dos and don'ts to make a maximum profit as an Amazon seller.

So, without no further delay, let us get started from the very beginning! 

What is Amazon Seller Central?

seller central amazon

First, you should know that learning the nitty-gritty of how to sell right on Amazon, especially as a beginner, isn't an easy task. In fact, it is far from easy. Nonetheless, once the premium concentration is invested, you can be sure of having a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Having said that, Amazon Seller Central, in the simplest of terms, is the place where individuals who are aspiring to be sellers on Amazon start their journey. Further, the Amazon Seller Central breaks the complete process of becoming a seller (read as a retailer) on their platform into a variety of elements, including website design and maintenance, payments, and dealing with returns. 

Besides, Amazon provides its users with other related and advantageous services such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) – a paid tool which allows its subscribers to send their inventories to any of their fulfilment centers, thereby handing over the services of storage, shipping, handling, and even returns to them.

How to Set Up your Account on Amazon Seller Center 

Having understood what precisely the Amazon Seller Central is, the next line of action is to set up your Amazon Seller Central account. You should know in this regard, that creating your account as a seller on Amazon is quite easy and straightforward – it is similar to the process of creating your usual Amazon account for shopping. In this section of the article, we have broken the process involved in simpler and explainable parts.

Creating your Amazon Seller Central can be started with just a few clicks. Before you begin, anyway, ensure that you have all the information illustrated below ready:

  • Your plan
  • The name of your business
  • About your business
  • Your contact information, both for your customers and Amazon.
  • Your full name and address.
  • Your logo
  • Banking details (Your billing information).
  • Your shipping details, which must include the regions that you are willing to deliver your items to.
  • Return and/or refund policy (optional).

To create your Amazon Seller Central, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Amazon’s official website at, and select the “sell” option available at the top of the landing page. 
  2. Clicking the “sell” option takes you to the next page; here, you are to click the “start selling” button. This will direct you to the actual page to create your account. Now, the step is quite straightforward; all you need to do is to enter your full name, email id, and your desired password.
  3. After setting your login credentials, you can proceed to login to your Amazon Seller Central account. However, before you can continue, you need to visit the account configuration page. Herein is where you will be required to fill in the information that we have highlighted above. 
  4. Finally, ensure that you protect your seller central account with the two-step authentication feature provided by Amazon. This way, you can trust the security of your account. 

Types of Product to Sell on Amazon

amazon seller central fees

After setting up your account, undoubtedly, it is vital that you know what kind of products you should sell. This explains that not all products are actually sell-able on Amazon – some items are as good as nothing of sale. Therefore, identifying the kind of items you want to sell is very important, and thus, cannot be overemphasized. 

First, to know the best and right things to sell, you need to engage in proper and extensive market research. While doing this, ensure that the product you will be choosing has the following properties: 

  1. Excellent margins
  2. Small and lightweight
  3. Doesn’t have an excessively high competition
  4. Doesn’t have seasonal demands
  5. High selling tendencies and capabilities. 

Overall, one thing that you need to bear in mind is that you should never choose to sell a product that belongs to a saturated market. Not that the products, this time, aren’t sell-able, instead, you will need to engage in an excessive and extreme competition with already established sellers in the market. And to be realistic enough, to beat this category of sellers to their game isn’t feasible – talk about the need for visibility to drive traffic and ultimately sell your products. 

Also, never should you choose a product without making careful and appropriate levels of considerations and market research. That is, never try to jump blindly into a market. Whatever you want to do, ensure that your driving force in research and logic. Basically, making product research on Amazon is yet another vast topic on its own. However, you can make use of specific tools to get your stuff done rightly, talking about tools such as Jungle Scout, IO Scout, Helium 10, and so on. 

Key Amazon Seller Central Dashboard Features

Now that you have an appreciable level of understanding of the how to set up your Amazon Seller Central, and also how to make market research for the right kind of product to sell, it is time to discuss too, the key features on the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. And also, how your business can be a beneficiary of these features. 

1. Your Orders

  • This section of the dashboard allows users to view the total number of orders that they got in a day.
  • Users can also view the total number of returns or exchange requests that they receive.
  • Finally, the order option allows users to have a view of their orders that haven’t been shipped out to their recipients. 

2. Selling Coach

  • The selling coach is an automated feature that keeps its users abreast of inventory levels, their products that have a high rate of demand and are ultimately making large sales.
  • Also, the selling coach offers its users detailed suggestions about items that can also enjoy a wide variety of shipping options.
  • Another exciting thing that the selling coach feature does is that once you consent with any one of its recommendations or suggestions, you only need to click a button, for example, the "restock" button, and automatically, Amazon will take care of such required action.

3. Payments Summary

  • Payment summary allows users of the Amazon Seller Central dashboard to keep accurate tabs on how money is their pending clearance from Amazon, and also the exact that such amount of money will be released into their account.
  • Also, this feature allows users to have access to a detailed breakdown of their sales and income. To see this, such a user simply needs to click the balance icon, which is located at the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.

4. Manage your case log

  • The case log is where users are able to attend to their pending messages. It also allows you as a user to know the number of cases that you are unattended to, and also offers reminders to deal with such cases as immediately as possible. 

5. Sales summary

  • The sales summary features help users to summarize the entire amount of sales they have made on a particular day. It also provides a sales summary for 30 days.
  • This feature also allows users to make a quick analysis of their most profitable markets and the least profitable market.
  • For users that employ PPC Campaigns too, the sales summary allows them to know the extent of the impact their campaigns are having on their sales.

6. Headlines

  • The headlines are where users can have a full view of the latest Amazon Seller and eCom news story headlines. Simply put – it is more like a news ticker.

7. Performance

  • The performance feature is one of the most critical sections of the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. For sellers who want to know the exact quality of their store in its entirety, they shouldn’t joke with the performance section on their dashboard. 
  • This feature also allows users to see their customers’ level of satisfaction. It makes you as a user to know if your customers liked your products, or otherwise. And also, if such a product should still be sold on Amazon, or not.

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central

Overall, the most significant advantage of the seller amazon central is the unlimited extents of control that you are granted over your items for sale. Albeit, the benefits that you can enjoy when making use of the Amazon Seller Central include: 

  1. The Amazon Seller Central allows its users to view their customer analytics. Simply put – as a seller, you are granted exclusive access to your customer data, which in turn helps in understanding your customer even better.
  2. It also helps in controlling and tweaking your pricing system. Simply put – as a seller, you can choose when to raise or lower the prices of your products, depending on demand, competitors’ pricing, and so on. 
  3. It allows you to also maintain total control over your messages. This way, you are capable of cracking down unauthorized sellers of your items.

How to Maximize your Benefits from Seller Central Amazon

Having known the extent to which you can benefit from the amazon seller center, it is crucial that you catch the wave of the best things to do – the dos and don’ts – in other to make the most from the platform. Obviously, when making use of the Amazon Seller Central, you will want to maximize and minimize your profits and damages, respectively.

In this regard, below are a few recommended tips for you as a seller on Amazon Seller Central:

1. Ensure that your listings are top-notch 

seller amazon central

Even if you are selling the most qualitative and quantitative products on Amazon, if your listing pictures, copy, and design are of relatively more inferior quality, you may not get very far. In this regard:

  • Firstly, begin with a listing that is nicely formatted and designed.
  • After that, ensure that the images of your listing are of the highest quality. To do this, you may consider making use of a real camera plus either a black or a white background – neutral backgrounds, basically.
  • You may also want to introduce some bit of creativity by blurring the background, such that the entire focus is on the product. Regardless of what idea you will be exploring for your image, the point is to ensure that it is high quality, how you present your product matters a whole lot!
  • Also, for your title, ensure that you are as descriptive as possible. That is, describe the product as best as viable, which includes including the make, model, size, and perhaps even its colour. Also, you may want to engage in some kinds of research to know the top keywords for your category. It is no longer news that keywords are a common factor in Amazon's ranking system. 
  • Ensure that your exact product description is as accurate and descriptive as possible. Make sure that it includes the details of the product, and also ultimately reflects the narrative of your brand. Remember, when pitching a product, try as much as possible to tell a story! Individuals buy solutions and not products.

2. Learn how to read business metrics 

Another exciting benefit that users enjoy when making use of Amazon Seller Central is the access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). However, it isn’t just about having these KPIs, but knowing how to read and analyze them, so you can comfortably learn from both the present and past patterns to ultimately better the optimization of your business processes but for now and in the future.

When doing this, essential metrics that you need to pay attention to are:

  • The number of items that you have sold.
  • The number of persons that have viewed your product.
  • Sales reports, 
  • Your customers’ reviews
  • Your product’s conversion rate
  • The reports of Amazon PPC
  • Product returns metrics

These above-listed metrics are elements that you need to concentrate your focus on when making use of the Amazon Seller Central. And once you notice a sharp fluctuation in any of them, it is vital that you try to understand and ultimately take intentional efforts at not only figuring out what went wrong but to also rectify the issue.  

3. Use Amazon Seller Central resources 

Amazon Seller Central also offers several resources for its users. Simply find your way to the Amazon Seller Central help page, and you will find numerous resources that can help you a great deal in making you a better seller on Amazon. On the help page, you will find several articles containing everything and anything that you need to know, including how to handle returns properly, how to write a perfect product description, and so on. You can also explore threads to learn even more. 

4. Keep on top of inventory levels 

To succeed overall in Amazon Seller Central, as a seller, it is imperative that you are physically present. And to achieve this, your inventory levels need to be managed appropriately. Why? This is simply because listings that are out of stock will not show in Amazon search results. This is enough justification why you need to prioritize the synchronization of your inventory, in other to enjoy the most benefits from your Amazon Seller Central account. 

5. Provide the best customer support possible

This tip is quite logical. Everybody, of course, will value and want to receive exceptional customer service – remember the famous quote that says "the customer wants to be treated like a king?" In this regard, it is essential that you offer your customers the best customer support service. Interestingly, this can also be achieved by efficient use of Amazon Seller Central.

Making use of Amazon Seller Central as a tool helps a great deal in ensuring that you answer the questions of your customers as quickly as possible. You should know that Amazon will penalize you if you fail to provide answers to your customers' queries within a space of 24 hours. It also ensures that refunds and returns are processed as fast as possible. All of these actions are what sums up an excellent customer support service. 

6. Consider using marketing campaigns 

Finally, another sleek way of getting the best out of your account as an amazon central seller is by using Amazon Marketing Services. You may also opt for Amazon Pay Per Click Campaign.

With the Amazon PPC, sellers are charged on specific keywords that they bid for, and get their products to appear on the search results of Amazon. An interesting thing about this campaign is that Amazon will charge you for each actual click on your ad. 

The Don’ts of Amazon Seller Central: 

1. Never make the mistake of miscalculating Amazon fees. 

One of the most significant issues (read as a drawback), especially for new sellers, is dealing with the miscalculation of amazon seller central fees, or not even know that these fees exist. In this regard, ensure that you are informed about all the fees that you are supposed to pay – you may consider making use of Amazon’s FBA Calculator to be on the safer side. Amazon Fees consider the following factors in charging you; shipping costs, advertising costs, taxes, and so on.

2. Don’t offer negative shipping experiences

When selling your products online, especially on Amazon, shipping is a very crucial factor that you need to put into consideration. Never make the mistake of offering negative shipping experiences for your customers. Charging your customers unexpectedly for shipping is one of the reasons you have a number of abandoned carts.

Apart from making you lose potential customers; it also tags your brand as a bad face out there. In this regard, we typically advise that sellers offer free shipping costs to their customers. However, you should know how to earn money back from the same customer – this boils down to your pricing system.

This is quite logical, anyway. In the sense that, humans love free things. Therefore, there are higher tendencies of attracting more buyers to your products, even more than your competitors, when you offer shipping services for free. 

3. Never pay for fake reviews

As much as this may seem tempting, especially for new sellers, we strongly advise sellers against this action. The thing is, Amazon doesn't joke with matters like this, and once your account is flagged for such an offence, you may be risking the total loss of such an account. And this translates to a complete waste of money, time, and ultimately, money that you have invested in building your brand and online store! 

4. Do not own more than one account as a seller

This is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. As a seller on Amazon, you are only allowed to operate under one account. A breach of this rule may translate to you risking the loss of all the accounts caught on this web. Which, of course, also means the loss of everything you must have invested in building these affected accounts.

Final Thoughts

Without gainsaying, Amazon Seller Central is an excellent tool for everybody, whether you a newbie seller or an already established retailer. 

Hopefully, this article has achieved its aim – helping you to know how to navigate through and also make use of Amazon Seller Central effectively. 

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