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AMZ Scout Review – Find out If It’s Right for You

Posted on: 20-02-16-Sun 11:03
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What is AMZ Scout?
AMZ Scout Pricing
AMZ Scout Web App VS AMZ Scout Chrome Extension
AMZScout Tools

If you’re trying to gain attention to your Amazon listing but haven’t been successful, AMZScout can help you. You’ll see increased traffic and better visibility – all backed by AMZScout’s helpful resources.

Your business will grow exponentially by showing you what products are currently trending. Don’t put all of your resources into something that can be proven as failing. AMZ Scout can show you what’s hot, allowing you to adjust your business accordingly.

You could scour the internet in search of sales data in the hopes of improving your brand. But the time and energy this would take would mean a loss in money. Let AMZ Scout do all the hard work for you. Even better, the data they give you will be accurate and up-to-date. Before we dive in with AMZ Scout, let's first take a quick look at a unique offering in the world of Amazon business tools. IO Scout free Amazon seller tools includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

And with a handy Chrome extension, all this vital data comes right to you. So there’s no need to stop what you’re doing to go to a standalone platform to retrieve this information. There are several packages available to fit your needs.

amzscout fba calculator

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZScout lets you take your boring Amazon listing and turn it into a money-making machine by using automated analytics. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business instead of doing all the hard research yourself.

If you want information about a specific Amazon product, AMZScout can tell you how that product is trending with consumers. You can then adjust your sales strategy to better suit the masses. If a product is doing poorly, there’s obviously no reason for you to try to sell said product.

On the other hand, if something has caught fire with the public and there are sales figures on Amazon to prove that it is beneficial to sell, AMZScout will tell you. That way, you can begin a marketing and sales strategy to sell the popular product.

And, if a certain strategy is shown to work, AMZScout can help you emulate that strategy. You can then insert it into your own marketing campaign. Their methods are shown to help sellers increase their Amazon presence by increasing traffic and boosting visibility.

Having the ability to see how other sellers are doing is an incredible leg up. This can make all the difference in how well your business fares in the vast world of online retail. With so much competition, it can be a daunting task trying to make a dent.

The data that AMZScout provides is invaluable. You can go from seeing little traffic to getting more than you can stand. And that’s a good problem to have. Wouldn’t it be great if you had to hire more help to manage your influx of customers?

This can lead to some amazing things. Imagine if you were able to step away from your business and let someone else manage it. Imagine spending more time with your family and less time trying to drum up business.

That’s what AMZScout can do for your business. But, you must be willing to commit to the journey. The services, tools, and resources that AMZScout provides have done wonders for others just like you. Brands that used to get very little visibility are now huge conglomerates with absolutely incredible figures.

By knowing what products sell and which ones don’t, you’ll know in advance whether it’s worth your time, money, and effort to list it. This is huge. At one time this wasn’t even possible. But as better analytics have come into play, it’s now possible to see what can make you money.

You can base your entire business model around this valuable data. Soon, you’ll see how beneficial AMZScout’s team of researchers are to your brand.

AMZ Scout Pricing

Now that you have a general idea of what AMZScout can do for you, let’s check out their pricing structure. Depending on your current stage of selling, there’s a tailored package for nearly every need.

You can choose between either monthly or yearly. You get a huge discount by going the yearly route, but you get the same access to the same amount of resources either way. From there, choose either Basic, Start, or Business.

If you’re just getting started in the world of Amazon, the Basic package may be the best choice for you. You can pay $29.99 a month, or $179.99 a year. With it, you get several helpful tools.

  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitor’s trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Track 20 products

The Start package will run you either $39.99 a month or $239.99 a year. It’s a good choice for those who have been in the game a while and want to expand their scope. It offers the same services but they give you many more products to track each month.

  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitor’s trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Track 40 products

If you’re an established brand that wants to dominate your market, the Business package is going to be your best bet. It’ll run you $59.99 a month or $349.99 a year. It offers all the same resources but greatly increases how many products you can track every month.

  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitor’s trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Track 80 products

After you have decided on the package you want, it’s time to move on to which, or both, AMZscout extension you want.

Their AMZScout PRO extension lets you try their services for a monthly fee of $44.99 . There are no catches or limitations. Just pay on the months you need their help and all their resources are available to you at no extra cost.

This may be best if you only plan on selling a product here and there. If it’s a costly item that will bring you good financial gain, you may want to seriously consider going this route. If you put your listing up and it just doesn’t seem to be attracting attention, just pay $44.99 and you’ll soon enjoy much more traffic and visibility.

In perhaps what is the better deal, you can pay a one-time fee of $199 for a lifetime of AMZScout’s resources. This is definitely the way to go if you’re an established brand that uses Amazon as your main or secondary source of income.

If you’re familiar with the ropes of Amazon, you know how difficult it can be to compete with the millions of listings out there. With AMZScout, they know what it takes to bring more eyes to your products. You can focus on other aspects of your brand while they take care of the hard stuff.

amzscout chrome extension

AMZ Scout Web App VS AMZ Scout Chrome Extension

AMZScout lets you monitor your Amazon brand from a standalone web app or a Google Chrome extension. Let’s go over each individually so you get a better grasp of what they can do for you.

AMZScout Web App

This is a cloud-based application that gives you access to resources and tools not available on the Chrome extension. We’ll cover these so you know how you can benefit from the app.

  •   Keyword Explorer

With this tool, you can search for keywords based on specific Amazon products across a variety of categories.

  • Product Database

You’ll be directed here once you’ve entered in your desired keyword. This database will tell you all you need to know concerning pricing, ratings, and more. You get more filters than on the Chrome extension, allowing you to fine-tune the results to give you the closest match possible. Data is better sorted, giving you clearer results.

  • Product Tracker

Once you homed in a particular keyword, the Product Tracker guides you through the selling process. From here, you’ll be able to set up your listing using AMZScout’s tried-and-true methods for the best results.

AMZ Scout Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension lets you monitor product information while you work on other projects. You can see how certain sellers are faring, with valuable information on their listings and products. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the data that will be available to you from the Chrome extension.

  • Average Price

See what a specific item is selling for any given month. You can use this data to compete with other seller’s pricing.

  • Average Monthly Revenue

Find out how profitable an item or seller is by checking out their monthly revenue. This will help you gauge whether it’s wise to even try to sell something based on what consumers are buying and how often.

  • Average Sales Rank

Where does a product stand for the month in terms of sales? If it’s a highly sought after item, your chances are better at making the sale. This is invaluable information that you can use every month to find out if you have a shot at making some money.

While it may seem like you’ll likely choose one way of collecting and reviewing data, that’s not the case. Both applications work together to bring you the best results. The web app is best for getting into the fine details of sellers and their products.

The Chrome extension is great for providing you with up-to-date information as it becomes available. So, if you see an item come through Chrome that catches your eye, you can jump over to the web app for more in-depth data.

AMZScout Tools

AMZScout has several free tools that can help you grow your Amazon business. Here, we’ll talk about each one so you can see in what way they can help you.

FBA Fees Calculator

It can be tough trying to figure out how much money you’re going to make on an item. You need to know what your net profits are, as well as your return on any investments you’ve made in getting your product listed.

In factoring in this data, you need to think about all the fees that go into selling. We’re talking about things like selling and referral fees, any applicable taxes, shipping fees, FBA fees, returns, and advertising.

This can be a bear to calculate, so AMZScout did something about it. They give you a handy calculator that can help break all this down to find out what kind of income you’re realistically looking at. Their FBA Fees Calculator is accurate, convenient, and best of all, free.

Amazon to eBay Compare

This is called the Amazon Smart Shopper tool. It actually checks to see if a certain item has better prices on eBay. It does this in real-time while you shop on Amazon. It shows you a notification concerning better eBay prices.

Stock Stats

This is a really useful tool. It works by analyzing BSR changes every day. It then estimates how a particular item is doing. If its sales are trending up or down, it will let you know.

While this is nowhere nearly as effective as AMZScout’s comprehensive resources, it does serve to give you a general idea of how products are doing. For example, you may be interested in dog leashes. If there were 50 dog leashes for sale yesterday, and today there are only 2, you’d know that there were 48 sales of dog leashes and that item is doing well.

Afterward, it then moves on to the sellers. It compares their stats against one another. By analyzing this data with their general sales data, you can begin to see what is working for whom and how often.

Sales Estimator

This tool collects all the average sales data of items. You simply select an item category and enter in its desired rank. A number will instantly tabulate below to give you an idea as to how many are selling this month.

This is helpful for those wanting to know how much of a certain item is moving for the month on Amazon. If it’s going well, you know it’s time to get in on the action by listing your similar product.

Keyword Tracker

This tool lets you keep an eye on keywords and how they rank in Amazon’s search results. You simply enter in the ASIN to get a breakdown of their position. Depending on the package you choose, you can get results for up to 80 keywords a month.

The tracker will also let you know if that keyword changes over time. This will help you make adjustments to your sales strategy. If a particular keyword is slipping in its ranking, you’ll know not to focus on that product.

A badly-ranked keyword can help you keep costs down. Simply abandon that item until it becomes popular again.

You can set the tracker to analyze keywords by the hour for up to 24 hours. And by supporting 8 Amazon marketplaces, you get a greater scope of results. Within the tool, you can import or export data, set the hours of the tracking range, and track unlimited products.

You can even review how a brand or item ranks and check how their page is doing for the month. You’ll be able to review prices and what kind of rating each item has. Even better, you can see what customers are saying by getting trackings on reviews.

amzscout pro

Listing Wizard

The Listing Wizard lets you check on millions of keyword ideas from some of the very best competitors on Amazon. You can set the Wizard to ensure your product hits the top of the Amazon search page. This helps you boost your margins by steering more eyes to your item.

This tool is a huge advantage to have at your disposal. You can beat other sellers to the punch by having your product the first thing buyers see. This greatly increases your chances of making a sale.

And if you have advertising endorsements that thrive on PPCs, you’ll see huge numbers in that department by default alone.

This works by showing you the hottest keywords so you can incorporate them into your listing. It ensures that you’ll get at least three times more customers from searches. You can even take existing listings and fine-tune them with these new hot keywords.

Time is money. By letting the Listing Wizard find these new words for you, your focus can be on other things. If you’re new to Amazon, this is greatly beneficial. You will have the jump on other sellers by using keywords that are currently popular.

This will also give you an excellent start into the business of online selling. Buyers will equate your name with the hottest keywords, thereby serving to give you a great impression. You’ll have instant access to two million keyword ideas, and you can “borrow” keywords that successful competitors are using.

If you’ve been selling for a while, you can use the Wizard to automate listing optimization forever. This will keep you constantly in the know of any new keywords entering the marketplace.

If you rely on PPC, the Wizard will alert you to PPC keywords to help boost clicks to your listing. This is an awesome tool to help drive advertisement views, too. Every day, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest keywords.

And, if you have old listings, you can use this to your advantage by keeping them fresh and exciting. If you notice an old listing just isn’t getting clicks anymore, spice it up with some of the newest keywords to bring eyes back to your page.


How much does AMZScout cost?

Depending on the package you choose, it can run you as little as $29.99 a month. If you’re looking to get AMZScout’s services for a full year, it can run as much as $349.99. But that’s a single payment that will cover you for an entire year.

Can I cancel my AMZScout Subscription?

In the event that you decide you no longer require the services of AMZScout, you just drop them a line at . They may ask for a reason as to why you’re leaving, but this is solely at your discretion. Any information given is used only to better their product.

What markets does AMZScout support?

The Chrome extension and AMZScout extension Web app work a little bit differently in other parts of the world, and therefore don’t work in the same locations.

The Chrome extension works with Amazon in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Mexico.

The AMZScout Web app works in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and India.

AMZScout has a plethora of tools to help grow your business. From finding the hottest keywords to showing what’s currently trending, you’ll have all the resources you need to become a success. And if you want to improve your pay-per-clicks, AMZScout has a tool to help you do just that.

The support they offer will take your brand to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve with insight into Amazon you never knew existed or had access to. This data is worth its weight in gold. If used wisely and properly, you’ll start attracting customers like never before. Your traffic will increase and so will your profits.

AMZScout’s methods are proven to work. If you’re new to Amazon or have been doing it for a long time, AMZScout has tools that will help you, regardless of your experience level.

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