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3 Key Features that Make FBA Toolkit Amazon’s Best Sales Estimator Tool

Posted on: 20-04-30-Thu 07:56
Home Resources 3 Key Features that Make FBA Toolkit Amazon’s Best Sales Estimator Tool

fba toolkit vs unicorn smasher

If you have opted to have your orders fulfilled by Amazon, it means your items will have to be sent to Amazon warehouses for storage. To avoid extra storage costs, you need to go for items that sell fast on Amazon. If you are just starting to sell on Amazon, you might need help selling your items even when you have selected products that move fast. .

That is where the FBA toolkit comes in handy. Designed to offer sellers the best selling ideas on Amazon, this tool enables you to have an idea of what your sales volumes are likely to be as you launch your online business. 

In this article, we take a closer look to the FBA Toolkit and tell you why it is the best pick for sellers who want to boost sales.

What is Amazon FBA Toolkit?

This is a FBA tool that was built as part of a broader set of tools. The purpose of the toolkit is to help new sellers to use FBA to make more profits. With the FBA Toolkit, sellers are able to view sales estimates for their choice items on a daily basis. Along with the estimates, new sellers are also able to:

  • View product sales rank
  • Track product prices
  • View price analysis

The toolkit also provides sellers with information about stock and sales of all products they are interested in.

Key Features of the FBA Toolkit

The FBA Tool Kit comes with three key features that make it the best tool for new Amazon sellers. These are features include: 

Product Tracker

Using this feature, sellers are able to track different sets of information based on a products listing. For example, sellers can track their sales volumes, stock, and price for every listed item that they are researching. The number of products that sellers track depends on the payment plan they choose. Basically, the more expensive a plan is, the higher the number of products sellers can track.

Price List Analysis

With this feature, sellers can create and upload FBA spreadsheets comprising lists of ASINs, EANs or UPCs in order to generate reports with relevant information, including an optional cost column. This report enables sellers to make purchase decisions such as profits margins, estimated sales rate, markup, and current offers, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition. 

fba toolkit vs unicorn smasher

Sales Rank

Amazon sellers can determine their daily sales estimates by simply going to and keying in their current Amazon product ranking. To enable sellers to spy on their business rivals, the tool displays the historic performance of specific products that sellers wish to research about. 

In addition to these tools, FBA Toolkit offers an FBA Chrome extension also known as the FBA Calculator free extension. Sellers can use the extension to access crucial information such as sales volumes, sales estimates and calculate the FBA fees. This FBA Toolkit Chrome extension is only available on Google Chrome browser and one of the two tools that the FBA Toolkit offers for free. The toolkit also offers the Sales Rank FBA extension but requires sellers to apply for a paid subscription to use its services. 

FBA Toolkit Pricing

The FBAToolkit comes in five different pricing plans. The plans are priced according to the features available with pricing starting at $5. Before purchasing FBAToolkit plans, it is important that sellers read customer views to get an idea of what to expect. Since customer reviews are based on experiences of real customers, sellers will have an idea of the benefits and challenges that the toolkit will present. This information will enable them to make informed purchase decisions. 

Bottom Line

The FBA Toolkit is a comprehensive product research tool designed for FBA sellers. The toolkit comes with three key features that enable sellers to estimate the sales volumes generated every day by different products, analyse price lists by simply uploading spreadsheets and keep track of product prices, sales and inventory levels.

To estimate product sales, FBA toolkit users have to visit the product information section page, get the category, enter the product best selling rank and view the product data. Available in at least eight marketplaces, the tool is easy to use and comes with a highly flexible pricing plan that ranges from $5 to $1000 per month. The best thing about this tool is that it is open to continuous development.

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