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Keepa Review

Posted on: 20-03-11-Wed 01:07
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So what exactly is Keepa?
Keepa Pricing
Keepa Features
The three Keepa Apps
The Browser Extensions
Customer Service and information
How to Understand a Keepa Chart

Keepa is one of the most popular product trackers for Amazon. Although now it has all the popular features behind a paywall, this Chrome extension still offers valuable data for free users, too, right on the product page. In the Keepa review that follows, we are going to take a look at the features of this extension, the prices, and how to read a Keepa chart. The latter seems to be a regular problem for those who start their Amazon business and try to get some info from Keepa. But they misunderstand what the charts mean. Keepa has got what it takes to be a great accessory, and with the free data available it's going to be around for a long time to come. Before we get started with the full review with Keepa, let's first take a look at a unique offering in the world of Amazon business tools. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other pricing tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

So what exactly is Keepa?

Keepa is a web-based application that keeps the price history of every product on the world's largest retail shop, Amazon. A user of Keepa can track product price changes, developments, and it also serves as an alert service: you can set up a threshold, and when the price reaches it, you receive a notification. Apart from the option to track the products, there is also an option to browse all items on Amazon. This means more than a million products. Even simple people who aren't that interested in dealings on Amazon have the chance to take advantage of Keepa features: there is a page dedicated to daily deals, which helps you buy items with significant discounts (up to 80%).

As far as tracking is concerned, Keepa can't provide information on eBooks, and a few products which are under strict regulations. The eBooks are excluded from Keepa for mostly technical reasons.

The tracker of Keepa is capable of tracking every item from the different markets from Australia to the United States.

The prices you can see when using Keepa are current, regularly updating information Due to the fluctuations that might arise, the data on the site or in the app is a bit behind the actual. This is why it's recommended to check the prices on Amazon too. As for update frequency, it usually depends on the product. Some are updated once an hour (usually the tracked ones), others are updated a few times a day.

Keepa Pricing

There are two different versions of Keepa you could use: the free one that offers limited info, and the paid version with a load of features to explore. By using the free edition, you get access to the basic features and the most basic information. It's not much, but for starters, that's quite enough. On the other hand, the low subscription fee of €15 worth it for all the advanced options, such as interactive charts, high limits on trackers, and so on. This price is rather small, considering the advantage it could grant you if you know how to read the charts and use the information you get.

Keepa Features

Keepa is rather simple, and though it's powerful software, it's not packed too densely with features. There are just enough options to start with, and as a new Amazon marketer, you'll find these methods satisfying. Keepa has two versions: a website app and a browser extension, both are available for free, with limited options. Trying out the basic features at Keepa is a good idea, although we are quite confident you'll find it well worth to subscribe for the full range of features. Let's take a look at those features. First, we start with the features of the website app:

  • Deals,
  • Tracking
  • Apps,
  • Data.

After that, we inspect the browser extension from close, and we practice some chart reading.

Keepa Deals

This is the most crucial feature for shoppers, as it provides a quick overview of products, and how their price changes. As a marketer, you should learn how to use it to your advantage, because knowing when to do a promotion, when your competitors are running, and closing promotions is significant.

keepa chrome

The user interface for the Data app is easy to use and has a lot of great features. The first thing you'll notice is the Deal Type box, where you can select one option to narrow down the results list. At this filter, you can choose whether you want to view new items, products sold by Amazon, or used items. A few others are listed too, but as a seller, you probably want to inspect the competition first.

keepa chrome

Then, a bit lower, you will find several slides in a box, saying "Select Ranges," which offer you further narrowing of the otherwise extensive list of Amazon product deals. The options are the following:

Drop percent range: with this, you can select the price drop percentage (0-100%), and the results will reflect that. If you are a shopper, this is an excellent tool, as you can set it to show products on sale with overwhelmingly significant discounts!

Drop range : with this slide, you have the option to select the actual amount of price drop you are interested in, from $0 to over $100. For more expensive items, this setting is crucial.

Price range : another great way to show the less and more exciting product. If you set this, only products within the set price range are shown.

Sales rank range : By selecting the category, and entering the sales rank range, you can view how your competitors fare, and what ranks you have to compete within your niche.

Min. rating : This one needs no further explanation; you can select the minimum number of rating stars for products of interest.

keepa api

Keepa Tracking

Tracking a product on Keepa is a good idea for two reasons: as a buyer, you'll be notified when the price drops on products of your interest. If you are a seller, then you'll see when your competitors offer discounts or lower the cost for their products to enhance their sales ranking. (Which doesn't assure anything).

Setting up the tracker is quite easy for both the web app and the extension.

keepa extension

The screenshot above is taken from the Keepa Chrome Extension, and offers the following setup options:

Select the locale you want to place your tracker at. (e.g. .com for USA, .jp for Japan and so on.)

Select the Amazon price: products sold by- and also fulfilled by Amazon. When you click in this field, you can see different averages, like 180 and 90 days, lowest ever price, and different percentages. This same window appears for all three price fields, and it helps you to see what are the realistic ranges you should set up.

New and used price boxes.

Tracking range: you can track a product for as short as two months or as long as ten years. The different options in-between are popular; as far as we could gather, marketers tend to track products for 6-12 months.

Tracking mode: this changes a lot, especially the pro option.

What should I choose? Basic, Advanced, or Pro?

Well, the Advanced features alert too, which means Keepa can send you a notification when the price changes. also, with this type, you can ask for notifications of Lightning deals, and there are additional options, such as:

  • Include shipping cost in the price
  • Prime-only
  • Warehouse only
  • Memo text (for the alert)

The Pro solution includes a huge variety of other options, such as:

  • Sales rank, rating and review counts
  • Price setup options for collectible, list price, refurbished, and trade-in value

This option is available only with Keepa Data subscription.

As an additional tracking feature, Keepa grants you the option to import your Amazon Wishlist and track the products there. (But this is mostly for buyers, not marketers.)

The three Keepa Apps

There are three Keepa Apps:

  • Keepa browser extensions
  • Keepa Chatbot
  • Keepa API

The Keepa Chatbot

This is a tracker for Messenger, which allows you to track product price changes on Amazon, and have instant notifications via Messenger.

Keepa API

The application programming interface of Keepa is for really advanced users. It's a premium service that grants you all Keepa service in a different way. If you know what's an API and you know how to use it, then you should take a look. However, we have to assume that you are just a regular Amazon marketer, who tries to set foot in this business. That's why we won't get into details about Keepa API.

The Browser Extensions keepa

The Keepa browser extension is available for all major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Windows Edge. This browser extension features the core features of Keepa: Price history, drop and availability notifications, price tracking and comparing, and overviews. Also, the charts are pretty good.

The free version of the Keepa plugin offers a basic overview of information, which you can use to build an idea. On the other hand, the essential information is hidden behind that paywall. For the full range of features, and the most detailed charts, you have to subscribe, so every data is shown on the charts.

Keepa Data features

When you open the Keepa homepage, you'll find a menu item called data at the top of the page. As a registered user, you can do many things, and some of the options are available for free - within limits, of course.

The following options are available at the Data page:

  1. Product Finder
  2. Product Viewer
  3. Best- and Top sellers list (separate items)
  4. Category Tree
  5. Keepa API

The Product Finder is a quite advanced feature that offers way too many options for a beginner. You can select almost a dozen different price types for filtering products under the Sales rank and price types option (from new to refurbished to the rental price of the products). While lower on the page, there is an area dedicated to brand, title and category selections. If you have the strength, you can enhance your search even more by choosing preferred buy box seller option, product type, last price change, and you can also exclude sellers if you know their seller ID.

keepa chrome extension

With the product viewer, you can view a maximum of five products listed on Amazon, by entering their ASIN, or uploading a text file with the ASINs. This allows you to view details of the selected products, and it offers a much easier way to compare them. The type of information you can view is what you expect from Keepa: price history, ranking, reviews, reviews count, last price changes. There are also product details, such as dimensions, Manufacturer, etc. But the columns are customizable, so you can take out the information you don't need, and add columns you are interested in.

Considering all the features, this product finder is one of the best tools online for Amazon sellers.

keepa extension

Best Seller list

This list of data features the Amazon best selling products by category. Only five rows are available for free users, and the datasheet contains all necessary information. The columns - just like at the product viewer - are customizable; you can add and take data as you see fit. keepa plugin

Top Seller list

This is a feature that allows you to list the top sellers at Amazon. For a seller, this provides valuable information as to how the competition looks like, how many listings they have, and what category they are the most active in.

The Category Tree

It's a quite handy little tool, which offers an easy-to-navigate platform of the categories at Amazon. If you use this feature well, you will have a good overview of Amazon categories and subcategories. When you choose one, you can view the top products of that category in the Price Viewer, or visit the category on Amazon.

Keepa API

This menu option redirects to the Keepa API page, which we've already discussed above.

Customer Service and information

Keepa has been around for quite some time now, and it has been on the trustworthy end of businesses. We love using Keepa as sellers and as buyers too. It's quite amusing how much one could save when using Keepa, and that €15 monthly fee comes back quite fast.

Now, when it comes to resolving issues or providing information about the different features and solutions, the people behind Keepa do their best. There are an Information menu and a page with the Keepa forums. On the Information page, you can read some necessary information on what Keepa is, how it works, and what you can do with it. A FAQ answers most of the usual questions people ought to ask, and there are some other pages.

The forum (you can reach it by clicking on the "Comments" button) is where the party is! There you are going to find all the answers to probably all the questions you might have. This forum is filled with informative guides and crew at Keepa, and the people who have been using Keepa for years also provide valuable information for everyone. You will find that there is an active and Helpful community over at Keepa!


  • Instead of a final verdict, we would like to highlight and Summarize the main features of Keepa., with some information about the charts. For a newcomer, the graphs and data from Keepa could look quite confusing, but after some time with some practice, it becomes easier to understand. When that happens, you'll see how complex and sophisticated this software is.
  • When analyzing a chart, you'll find four colors to learn: orange for Amazon's price, Blue for new items, Black for used goods, and Green is the sales rank. You should memorize what each color stands for, and you get one step closer to success.
  • Keepa offers you immediate information on product price history, and you have the option to extend or narrow down the period you would like to analyze the prices in. There are options to view all timing info, ten years history, or as low as three days.
  •  You might find that Keepa is somewhat overwhelming, and the data it provides is way too much for you to take in. After a query, you have the option to narrow down the number of columns and view only the data you seek. This will help you keep you focused on and enhance the overall experience and analytic results.

How to Understand a Keepa Chart

At first glance, a Keepa graph might feel intimidating. But as you start moving your mouse around, you'll see what the different colors and options mean.

Here are the most essential parts of a Keepa chart:

  • The left side of the graph features the Price levels starting from $0 and steps up at different rates reaching as high as needed (on the pic you can see the highest level at $3500, and the level grows by $500)
  • The right side features the sales rank (it's a premium chart service, though)
  • Highlight and customization are available on the right side of the graph. Here you can select which prices you are interested in what the chart should show you. Also, you can extend the time range from all-time to the current day only.
  • When you move the mouse on the graph, you'll view the historical price data for that date.

What's the meaning of the colored areas?

The orange line shows the Amazon price for the given item, and the orange-colored area shows the time when the thing was in stock, while the white area showed when it was out of stock.

Buy Box and FBM information on Keepa Charts

With the paid Keepa features, you can view additional information rather than price history and sales rank. With the Buy Box Feature on, you can see when the Buy Box had been awarded to a seller for some reason. Also, the lack of Buy Box offers means something; sometimes, it means that Amazon suppresses the Buy Box because the product's price feels too high. Here is what this means for an Amazon seller: this shows the highest amount you could set up with the hope of getting the Buy Box awarded to you.

Final thoughts

Keepa is a must-have extension for Amazon sellers, and it has impressive features that newbies and professionals could take advantage of. In case you are looking for a highly efficient online application to help you with your product research and tracking, Keepa, with its €15 monthly fee, is one of the cheapest solutions for yours. It's not too flashy, but it's not too shabby. It's an elegant, working solution for Amazon product research. The fact that Keepa is available for every major browser makes it a considerable competitor for the major players of this league.

We highly recommend installing the Keepa browser plugin for your favored browser and taking advantage of the excellent features it offers. Even if you are not an Amazon seller, you'll find it quite handy when it comes to tracking price drops to get the most out of your money. The Keepa browser plugin is free, but if you upgrade it, you'll get more data to analyze. That's, however, is usually sought by professional sellers, not individual buyers.


Is Keepa free?

Keepa has two kinds of solutions. There is an extension for the dominant browser, which offer you on-site (on the product page) information for free. You can subscribe to a premium Keepa account, which gives you access to advanced graphs, tracking, and more. Keepa monthly subscription is €15, and there are data packages you can buy for different prices.

Does Keepa offer alert service?

Yes, you can set up an alert, so Keepa will notify you when the tracked product's price drops to the price threshold you set up. You can ask this alert in email, MessengerMessenger (there is a chatbot for that!), and a few other ways.

Is Keepa legit?

Yes, using Keepa to track and analyze product price changes is legal, and it's not against the Terms of Service of Amazon either. With this tool, buyers and sellers have a powerful tool at their disposal to find out when to buy something, or as sellers, when to enter the market.

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