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Merchant Words Review

Posted on: 20-03-10-Tue 19:27
During our research to compile enough information for this review, we have come across several sites with Merchant Words reviews. There is a recurring picture about this software: using it is like reading the minds of Amazon customers. Well, as far as we can tell, it does something like that! The Merchant Words is a platform where you can research keywords, analyze listings, and perform several different tasks to enhance your Amazon marketer performance. It's a pro level tool, you can't just fool around with it. In the following Merchant Words review you can find all the information that can help you make up your mind whether to try Merchant Words or not!

Camel Camel Camel - Is it the right tool for you?

Posted on: 20-03-11-Wed 03:37
The CamelCamelCamel is an interesting software. It has some really good features implemented that could help both Amazon sellers, and buyers. With a fine free option, buyers may take advantage of the price tracking, while the sellers can gather some starting insight on products and price-changes.

Keepa Review

Posted on: 20-03-11-Wed 01:07
Keepa is one of the most popular product trackers for Amazon. Although now it has all the popular features behind a paywall, this Chrome extension still offers valuable data for free users, too, right on the product page. In the Keepa review that follows, we are going to take a look at the features of this extension, the prices, and how to read a Keepa chart. The latter seems to be a regular problem for those who start their Amazon business and try to get some info from Keepa. But they misunderstand what the charts mean. Keepa has got what it takes to be a great accessory, and with the free data available it's going to be around for a long time to come. Before we get started with the full review with Keepa, let's first take a look at a unique offering in the world of Amazon business tools. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other pricing tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

A Guide to Selling Books on Amazon

Posted on: 20-03-03-Tue 00:45
Amazon is a great platform for making money. There are different ways of making money on Amazon. The common way of making money on Amazon is through selling. There are different types of items that can be sold on Amazon. Actually, there are millions of items currently listed on Amazon for sell. These items are grouped into various categories to make their management easy. The items that are related to one another are placed in the same category. This makes it easy for sellers and buyers when searching for items. Some sellers have ventured into selling books on amazon as a way of making money on Amazon.

What To Sell On Amazon: A Complete Guide

Posted on: 20-02-27-Thu 06:33
If you are looking to become a merchant on Amazon, you know that the struggle of deciding which item is right is real as it directly affects your sales, performance, and income. Before launching goods on this marketplace, you should first evaluate your expertise and interests then you must

How to sell on Amazon

Posted on: 20-02-21-Fri 23:35
As of 2019, millions of businesses from all over the world are selling on Amazon. According to SimilarWeb, is the Top-14 most visited website and Top-1 site for E-commerce And Shopping in the world. As of 2018, Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market hit 49%.

Top Selling Items on Amazon

Posted on: 20-02-18-Tue 07:08
Whether you are a prospective seller or an interested shopper with money burning a hole in your pocket, you almost certainly have heard of Amazon. It began as an obscure bookstore and quickly became one of the most expansive online shopping sites in the world. All 50 states of America, and several places all across the globe, receive deliveries from Amazon. A surprising amount of the top selling items on Amazon are common items that could be found across homes in America.

AMZ Scout Review – Find out If It’s Right for You

Posted on: 20-02-16-Sun 11:03
If you’re trying to gain attention to your Amazon listing but haven’t been successful, AMZScout can help you. You’ll see increased traffic and better visibility – all backed by AMZScout’s helpful resources.

What Is FBA and Which Calculators Are Best For It?

Posted on: 20-02-15-Sat 16:06
While searching for a product on Amazon, you have more than likely noticed the seemingly endless quantity of items available, with hundreds to thousands of results popping up with every search. Well, this isn’t necessarily because Amazon owns every item out there for sale; it’s because of their Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service, which allows third party sellers to be able to sell products through Amazon, who make their profit after some fees and charges for the service. 

Things to Know about Amazon Keyword Tools

Posted on: 20-02-14-Fri 01:41
Are you wondering how to use Amazon Keyword searches to get more hits on your products as an Amazon seller? Focus on the way you would shop as a consumer, and you can start thinking in terms of what keywords to associate with your product.

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