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A Review of Sellics Amazon Tool

Posted on: 20-03-10-Tue 15:13
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Sellics Review
Sellics Features
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Why Choose Sellics?

Starting an Amazon business today is easy. It takes minutes only to create an account on Amazon. Listing items on Amazon takes short time. However, running an Amazon business and having the item on sale overcome the competition is a great challenge. You are not the only one selling that item on Amazon. There are several other sellers selling the same item. How can you attract customers from your competitor's items to your own item?

Nowadays, to grow an Amazon business, one has to use multiple tools. This will help them monitor the various metrics, grow their business and make decisions that are profitable to the business. There are various tools that can help you gain insights and intelligence as far as the amazon market is concerned. For you to make it on Amazon, you have to use a combination of multiple tools in order to get all data that you need. This will help you grow your Amazon business. Remember each of your competitors are using a tool or tools to run their Amazon businesses. Imagine you using no tool competing with such sellers? You will have minimal chances of making it on the platform. Sellics is a great tool for Amazon sellers. It helps them automate most of the processes involved in running an Amazon business. It is the key to making sound decisions when selling on amazon.

With sellics, you don't even have to use multiple tools. It breaks the cycle by providing a bunch of tools in a single tool. You can use it to perform tasks such as monitoring competitors, managing reviews, optimizing rankings, tracking different performance metrics etc.

Sellics Review

Sellics was founded in 2014 as a simple tools for tracking keyword ranks. With time, many features were added to the tool to make it an all-in-one software solution for the amazon sellers. See Sellics as a complete Amazon management tool that provdes features and tools for managing tasks like:

  • PPC Campaigns/ Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Review Management
  • SEO and Listing Optimization
  • Keyword and Product Research
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Competitor Research

Rarely will you find a tool capable of handling all the above tasks. They have simply created a perfect all-in-one solution. Sellics is well known for how it pulls accurate metrics and data from Amazon and translates them into a form that is easy and clear to process. The tool prioritizes user experience, hence, it's the best tool for Amazon sellers, even the beginners.

However, you must note that Sellics will only show data for the past two months. The sellics amazon tool comes in two packages:

  • Seller Edition
  • Vendor Edition.

The two target different Amazon users. The Seller edition is for the users of Amazon Seller Central, while the Vendor edition is for the users of Vendor Central.

sellics price

The Sellics itself is well experience in dealing with different types of customers. They can deal with lone Amazon sellers, small businesses and large multi-dollar brands.

The tool also offers the Agency edition which is for those who help people to sell on Amazon. When selling on Amazon, you will realize that there are many factors that you to optimize and track. This is difficult task for most Amazon sellers. Sellics solves this problem for you, allowing you to manage a wide aspect of your Amazon business from just one dashboard.

Sellics Features

If you subscribe to the Seller Edition of Sellics and login, you will be taken to the product detector page. At the top of the page is a navigation bar that allows you to switch between the following:

  • Product detector
  • Niche analyzer
  • Spy tool.

The core features of the tool are hidden in a drop down menu because for you to use them, you've to sign into your Amazon Seller Central account. This could be a hindrance to anyone who has not subscribed to the Amazon Seller Account but wants to have a try of the sellics tool.

If you have data or privacy security concerns, Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Service) API access token gives Sellics only a limited data from your Amazon Seller Account. They won't share your credentials, and Sellics will never share data from your account with Amazon or third parties. That's why you should never be worried about linking your Amazon Seller Account to Sellics.

Let's discuss the various features offered by the Sellics tool:

Product Detector

With this Sellics' tool, you can get deep insights about the various items sold on Amazon. If you want to join Amazon and begin your selling journey, you will be puzzled by the type of item to sell on the platform. If you are already selling on Amazon, you may want to get new product ideas to help you expand your Amazon business. This means that you should explore the different niches of items. The Product Detector will help you determine the best niche to venture into.

Sellics claims that it has data about the 100,000 Amazon best sellers in its product database, and these are already filtered by category. When you open this database, you will find these items, but you can sort them based on factors like number of reviews, sales rank, weight and estimated sales. This will provide you with a quick way of sorting through the items.

Product Detector is the most basic tool provide by Sellics. It helps sellers determine most profitable Amazon niches and those with low competition.

Niche Analyzer

This tools helps Amazon sellers to analyze the competitiveness of their niches and the sales volume. The Niche Analyzer will help you know the amount of sales that are generated in a particular niche.

sellics amazon

You will also be able to tell how difficult or how simple it is for you to get to top rank via most important keywords.

Spy Tool

With this Sellics' tool, it's possible to monitor prices of competitors' items then discover their top selling items. With the Spy Tools, sellers know the sales volumes of items they're tracking from their competitors. This will save you from having to invest in products that sell poorly and remaining with an unsold inventory for long.

You can analyze the real sales of any particular Amazon item and know how both the low and high prices for the item develop and pick up the price trends for the item. The spy tool allows the setting up of a hijacker alert that will notify you when an unscrupulous merchant tries to attach to your items at a cheaper price in a bid to steal your revenue.


The cockpit comes with widgets for showing different types of data. Examples includes performance, sales and profits, keyword rankings, reviews, PPC performance and the list of items with sales, current sales rank and revenue share. This sellics tool help you get a quick glance at how the various items are performing on Amazon. This can give you quick insights about your entire Amazon business.

Keyword Rankings

Keywords play a major role in marketing Amazon items. The use of the right keywords when creating Amazon listings helps improve the visibility of Amazon items. With much visibility, an Amazon item is more likely to attract more sales. This means the item will generate more revenue for the seller. This tool offered by sellics helps sellers research and identify new keywords. You Can use this tool to know the keywords that your competitors to rank and determine all the possible keyword combinations. They claim to contain a database of Amazon keywords, running up to 180,000,000 in total.

sellics pricing

The search volume indicator is helpful for determining the keywords that are relevant to your items, and the keyword ranking tracker helps sellers monitor how their rankings develop with time and visualize the results of your visualization efforts.

If you want to know the best keywords for your niche, use the Keyword Rankings feature. You can know the keywords that have the lowest competition and those that get the highest traffic. You can use this tool to track the ranking of your items overtime to know what is working and what is not working as far as the listings and optimizations are concerned.

Review Management

This sellics tool helps you track the reviews on your item listings. When an item receives a review, you will be notified instantly. There is no doubt that negative reviews have a negative impact on the sales. If you receive an instant notification about posted reviews, you will respond to reviews quickly.

sellics crunchbase

If the review is negative, you will be able to respond appropriately in time and mitigate any damage on your item which could impact sales negatively. With Sellics, you can comment on negative reviews from its dashboard, making your work even much easier.

Inventory Management

You could be selling different types of items on Amazon. In such a case, it will be difficult for you to manage the inventory manually. That's why you need a tool like sellics amazon. It comes with an Inventory Management tool that helps you manage your inventory with much ease. You can calculate and know the perfect reorder date for your items which is determined using various factors like stock level, lead time and sales velocity.

sellics sonar

This tool will put all the information about your stock in one place and you will be notified when time comes for you to reorder for a new stock. This makes it easy for you to manage your inventory, especially if you are selling different items on Amazon.

Profit Dashboard

The Profit Dashboard will integrate very well with your Amazon Seller Central account and display your profits after deducting all expenses including FBA fees, PPC costs, shipping fees, cost of goods etc. Note that the calculations will be done in real time, meaning you get the profitability data as quickly as you want it.

The dashboard data is updated after every 5 minutes, meaning that you can use the tool for tracking your profits earned from the sell of all items in a day. The tool provides you with a way of entering your costs manually so that you can get an accurate value for your profits. You can see the amount of profit that you earn per item and know the areas to which you are losing money.

PPC Manager

There are a high chances that you will create Amazon ads to help you market your item listings. The reason is that simply listing your items on Amazon doesn't mean you will make sales. You need to market the items and make them visible to sellers. However, you don't simply run the PPC ads. You must track their performance. The PPC Manager tool provided by Sellics will help you achieve this.

sellics review

The tool displays the performance metrics of your ads that are sorted by cost, revenue, CTR, CPC, impressions, orders etc. This means that to know the performance of your ads, you will not rely only on the Seller Central metrics. With PPC Optimizer, you can identify the keywords that aren't converting well and get new suggestions that you should use. This will depend on ACoS (advertised cost of sale) and the impression potential of every keyword. You can integrate the PPC Manager with Amazon Product Advertising API for automation of campaigns and creation of custom rule sets for automatically changing the keyword bids depending on the performance of the keywords.

Sellics Price

Sellics allows you to test all its features for free for a period of 14 days. You can use this opportunity to determine whether Sellics is worth your money. Once the 14 days have expired, you'll be needed to purchase a plan. With Sellics, it's possible to test its ranking optimization tool by use of two items. First, ensure you research many keywords as you can. Maybe, you don't know the keywords that can work better for your product. If that is the case, use the Keyword Rankings feature to determine the rankings for the most relevant keywords.

You can use the PPC Optimizer to determine the keywords that will convert. Your first ranking improvement should be reported before the end of the 14-day trial period. Sellics will have collected adequate data to give meaningful reports for the keywords that you are tracking.

After the expiry of the free trial period, you subscribe for one of the plans. Sellics offers its users with a variable pricing plan that depends on the number of items that you sell. Initially, Sellics price model used a credit system for the items and keywords tracked, but the system has changed. The system put off many people due to its complexity, making the software difficult to use.

sellics pricing

Sellics has introduced a new pricing model. It is considered an improvement compared to the previous sellics price model, but it can still confuse users because the subscription fee is connected to the Amazon sales.

If your sales volume ranges between $1,000 and $60,000, you will be charged $67 monthly, but there is a biannual option of $342 (which is $57 per month). It also has an annual option of $564 (which is $47 per month).

sellics crunchbase

In each of the above plans, regardless of the tier, you will be able to access all the core features that you need. You can also access all the marketplaces provided by Amazon and unlimited keywords and products. You will also access the Sellics mobile app. This sellics pricing model is a bit simple compared to previous one. 

Customer Support

To reach the Sellics team for help, you can use email or their live chat feature. You can find their live chat feature at the bottom right corner of their website's home page. It's good for you to contact them during working days, and you will get a tentative response in less than half a day. They have a very active support team.

Why Choose Sellics?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should choose Sellics as your Amazon tool. These include:

  • Sessions and conversion rates- Sellics comes with performance widgets that show sessions and conversion rates for all your items. Most amazon tools don't have this feature, hence, putting sellics much ahead of them.
  • Responsive Customer Support- Sellics has a very responsive customer support team. To reach them, you can send them an email. They also provide a live chat support feature through which you can reach out to them. They also respond quickly to your queries.
  • Extensive knowledge base- The tool comes with an online knowledge base that includes tips on how to use the various features provides by sellics to grow your Amazon business.
  • Marketplace support- Sellics supports up to 8 Amazon marketplaces. These include U.S., Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Mexico. These are the major marketplaces supported by Amazon. If you have items selling in those marketplaces, then you are lucky as you can use every feature of sellics.
  • Variable pricing- the amount you pay as the fee when using sellics is determined by your sales volume. If your business is small, your fee will be small. If your business is big, you will pay larger fees.
  • Comprehensive tool- sellics is an all-in-one tool. It is simply a bunch of tools contained in the same software. Instead of paying for each of them separately, you pay for them at a go, and the price is too low. This will help you save your hard-earned cash and spend it somewhere else.
  • Many metrics- Sellics provides huge amount of data and many metrics. You can get details about the conversion rates of your various items and get various insights on the way you should improve them.
  • With sellics, you will be able to switch to any Amazon marketplace without having to pay an extra amount of money. This helps you sell your items in various amazon marketplaces and promote them using sellics. This way, you can grow your brand. You will also track its performance and fine-tune the listings where necessary. This will help you make as many sales as possible, generating more revenue.


Today, most online sellers want to take their brands to Amazon. this is because Amazon is the largest e-commerce site worldwide. On Amazon, a seller has an opportunity to market their brand to millions of customers. This gives sellers an opportunity to grow their brand and take it to the world. Creating an amazon account is an easy task. It takes minutes to create an account on Amazon. Listing items for sell on Amazon is also a simple task. However, creating an Amazon account and listing items is not a guarantee that the seller will make sales. Yes, they are done with some tasks, but that is just the beginning. Remember that Amazon is a very competitive marketplace. You meet sellers from all over the world, some selling items similar to yours. Such competition can affect your sales.

This means that an extra effort is required for your item to make it on the platform. If you do what is right on the platform, you can even make your item a best seller. This will generate you more sales and revenue, helping you run a profitable Amazon business. You need to determine the right keywords that you can use to improve the sales rank of your Amazon listed items. This will make your item more visible to shoppers, helping you generate more sales. You also need to track the keywords that you competitors are using to rank. A software tool is needed for this. Before beginning to sell, you must choose the right item to be selling. This will determine the success or failure of your Amazon business. You need to determine some of the profitable Amazon niches that you can venture into. You also need a proper way of managing reviews posted by customers on your items. All these tasks cannot be done manually. An automated way of doing it is needed. Sellics is the right tool for you. It comes with many features bundled together, helping you save costs while running your Amazon business with ease.

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