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Top Selling Items on Amazon

Posted on: 20-02-18-Tue 07:08
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How to Choose Top selling Items on Amazon
Best Selling Items on Amazon
In conclusion

Whether you are a prospective seller or an interested shopper with money burning a hole in your pocket, you almost certainly have heard of Amazon. It began as an obscure bookstore and quickly became one of the most expansive online shopping sites in the world. All 50 states of America, and several places all across the globe, receive deliveries from Amazon. A surprising amount of the top selling items on Amazon are common items that could be found across homes in America.

Amazon started out as a small idea; in a similar manner to some of the most famous companies in American history, it all began in the garage of the company founder’s home. The original name of the company was “” however, it was quickly changed due to a lawyer mishearing the name as “” There were several iterations of the company name before it finally settled on Amazon since it evokes imagery of the place of the same name as well as the relation to the Amazon River. A fantastic name for one of the largest companies in the world, right?

In the year 1994, four years after the founding of Amazon, the goals of took a dramatic shift. It was decided that they would become a vendor for more than books. They bought the Junglee Corporation as an asset to help them make this shift in priorities. That marked the change that made Amazon what it is now. The first place in mind when you consider shopping online is

Amazon now covers more than selling books or even just online shopping. It holds a place as one of the largest and most successful corporations of all time with influence over a vast array of subjects. They are now producing grocery stores with no cashiers and buildings that sell the most bought items in the region where they are built. Twitch, the online streaming platform, is owned by Amazon and through it they exert influence over online gaming and content streaming online.

How to Choose Top selling Items on Amazon

best selling products

Choosing items to sell on Amazon that might become top-sellers is not as easy as looking at the current top-sellers and attempting to sell the same thing. There are some rules to follow to give you an edge.

  • Uncomplicated products sell better: The top selling items on Amazon usually aren’t very sophisticated and their functions are easy to understand for most individuals. Complicated items aren’t often very easy to fix when damaged which is likely to displease customers. If a product is unnecessarily complicated then they will likely require a long list of directions for their use which many customers won't want to bother reading. The name of the game is accessibility and complicated products aren't very accessible.
  • Keep it low cost: Most items in the best seller section of Amazon come in at under $50. Most of the items in the best seller category aren’t reusable and are often disposable like cleaning supplies or arts & crafts materials. Items of this nature are bought frequently because after use they require replacing and most of the time these are common everyday items that are found everywhere. Not all of the best selling items fit this criterion but most of them do. The cheaper it is to make an item the more accessible it will be to more kinds of people which means it is open to more sales. Generally, you can lower your cost of goods by doing more volume. It produces a "win-win" situation for both you and the customers.
  • Sell your product: The most frequently bought items on Amazon almost universally have fantastic marketing. The individuals or companies that are selling these products make time to ensure that the images and descriptions of their products are top-notch. The first thing a potential buyer is going to see is whatever you put together to persuade them to buy your product which will determine how they think of it going forward and will likely shape how they see products of a similar nature. Make sure not to skimp on your marketing.

Best Selling Items on Amazon

One of the most fantastic features of Amazon is its "Best Seller" search category which assists shoppers in finding the best selling items on Amazon by sorting them into the most bought items by category. It doesn’t only show the categories that are most popular. You can sort any category to show the best selling items.

Using this feature shows you the most bought items on Amazon. If you are a potential merchant then this feature could assist you in monitoring the competition. What's selling the most and what price? What do the reviews say about the product? Could it be improved? For every item you could think of there are bound to be multiple sellers for you to compare against.

If you are interested in doing some shopping yourself then this could be an excellent location to view what everyone else is buying. If you sort by the category you are interested in it is almost guaranteed that you will come across something perfect for you with hundreds of reviews to tell you what is and isn't worth purchasing.

This is one of the many features that ensures Amazon is as popular as they are. They don’t just carry every product you could possibly want, but they also implement features that ease the quality of life for vendors selling through their platform. The best selling products from each of the most popular categories are listed below.

Games and Toys

top selling products on amazon

Card games take up 2 of the top 3 slots in the Games and Toys category and the other item is an interesting scratch-art notepad marketed for children. Each of these products is simple in concept and design. If you are looking for product ideas then card games can be a fantastic product to sell due to their inexpensive cost to make and their lightweight nature which ensures that they are easy to ship.

The couples card game Talk, Flirt, or Dare is actually three card games in one bundle. Think of Truth or Dare but your fate is decided by the cards and they have a marital theme. There are three different levels to the game because they know that you might not be as comfortable with the people you are playing with as the game intends, it was made for newlyweds after all.

The second product in the top 3 slots is the Scratch Art Notepads made by Melissa and Doug. The idea of Melissa and Doug’s product is a set of notepads covered in an all-black material, traditionally this would be ink, that would reveal a rainbow of colors beneath when the material is scratched. This is a visually stimulating concept the first time you see it which makes it a fantastic product to market towards children.

One of the most bought card games in recent memory takes the third slot for most bought items in this category, Cards Against Humanity. The game is extremely politically incorrect with not a single ounce of shame about it. It takes the concept of dark humor to new levels. Of course, that means that it is almost universally loved by anyone that plays it. At first glance, the game is extremely offensive to just about anyone that looks at the cards involved, but for the discerning player, it is much more than that. Not many party games will bring you together with your friends and/or family and boldly demand that you discuss usually off-limits topics in a serious and intellectual manner, but Cards Against Humanity does just that.

The rest of this category’s best selling items are a vast array of dolls, tools for crafts, and other card games. The vast majority of them have attention grabbing colors and cost efficient production. Most of them are intended to be sold for children which is a good strategy since children are some of the most voracious consumers. Entertaining children is always a necessity and they certainly aren’t going anywhere which makes children’s toys a fantastic market to get into.


Amazon has a home A.I. that is quite popular which makes it no surprise that accessories for it are taking up the majority of the Technology best seller section. Initially, these items are not cost efficient or easily understood due to their technical nature, but because most people are raised with electronics in their life from an early age they are accessible to a wide variety of people.

An attractive design is common among the items in the Technology section most of which evoke whimsical thoughts of a high-tech future being available today. Each of the images associated with these products is artfully done and draws the eye. Over half of items available in the Technology best seller section are under $50 which further validates the idea that you should keep your products inexpensive. Most of the products that cost more than $50 are very large and technical items like televisions or computer monitors. Not very simple and costly to make so, naturally, their prices are much higher than most other products in the best seller section. Televisions and computer monitors are another example of products that could be found in most American homes.

Photography and Cameras

best selling items on amazon

Cameras for home security are very popular on Amazon, but surprisingly, old school instant film cameras are just as popular. One of the top 3 most bought items in the best selling section is instant film which is intended to be used with the Instax instant camera produced by Fujimax.

Film is a non-reusable item which makes it a fantastic product to ensure repeat customers. Not only is film cost effective to make but it is also required to operate an instant camera. Many variations of cameras produced by Fujimax and the film that they require take up a large portion of the top selling products on amazon for this category.

Your home is where you keep your worldly possessions and it is where your family most likely resides which makes it a precious place deserving of the best protection you can provide it. It is no surprise that home security cameras are popular, they evoke a feeling of security which is a hot commodity in the dangerous and uncertain times we live in.

Filling the top 100 most bought items of the best seller category for Photography and Cameras are mostly security cameras, cheap instant cameras, and various accessories for them. Sprinkled throughout are different kinds of cameras like baby monitors and handheld video recorders but overall this category is overwhelmed by security cameras and instant cameras without much variety.

Gaming & Consoles

Unsurprisingly the most bought products in the gaming category are all gift cards. They are quick and easy gifts that don’t require any personalization and are rarely poorly received. These kinds of gifts are exceptionally popular, especially with youth. Why go through the effort of picking out a gift for friends and family members when you could make it possible for them to pick their own instead?

Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox are all very popular gaming platforms which makes gift cards for their respective stores very popular. Not to mention that most homes in America have a gaming console and accessories from one or more of these companies inside.

These make great products to sell due to their high demand but unfortunately, they are all from trademarked companies which immediately makes them not viable to sell.

If you scroll through the rest of the best seller section you will likely be hit by a wave of nostalgia. The majority of games seen in this category are old classic games that have been remastered for the current generation.

Gaming companies will absolutely and unashamedly use the nostalgia of their customers to sell their products. They know that most gamers have a compulsion to think fondly of the games from their childhoods and most gamers are perfectly pleased to follow along with whatever will feed that compulsion. If it naturally evokes imagery of more pleasant and whimsical times then it is very likely to be bought.


Politics, Romance, and a Children’s book are the top 3 most bought items in the literature category. Those three topics are more popular than almost any other genre has been in history. With politics as divisive as they are it is no surprise that a political piece would take one of the most popular spots in the best seller category. Murder-mysteries are equally as popular and always have been, adding romance on top of that is just icing on the cake.

Delia Owens, the author of Where the Crawdads Sing, is familiar with penning best sellers. She coauthored 3 different best selling books before writing this one. She has also received awards for nature writing and she has degrees in zoology and animal behavior studies. This book is a mystery with elements of a coming-of-age story as well as a healthy spattering of romance throughout.

Timothy Snyder authored the book On Tyranny which serves as a warning about today’s political system in America and compares it against recent history. The polarizing quality of political discussions in recent times makes it no surprise this kind of book would do well.

Anna Dewdney was a teacher before she passed on and during that time she wrote and illustrated the Llama Llama series of children's books. The art style for the books are cute and the colors are attention grabbing which appeals to children. These qualities make her books very popular.

Apparel & Accessories

Because this article is written in the winter months the top three slots in the best seller section for Apparel & Accessories are all warm winter clothing. Women’s clothing is much more prevalent than men’s clothing in the best seller section, especially lingerie. The trends in Apparel will vary greatly depending on what season it is but clothing is fantastic for selling because it is always in demand and isn’t too expensive to make.

Monitoring trends in fashion is a fantastic strategy regardless of whether your brand specializes in fashion or not. You can always expect that warm, dark clothes will be bought during the colder months and light, colorful clothing will be more likely to be bought in the warmer months.

Risque clothing being in the best seller section is not a surprise. Lingerie will do well no matter what season it is, feeling sexy is important to people no matter what time of year it is.

There is a severe lack of Men’s clothing in the best seller section. The very few things you see marketed towards men in this section are undergarments and greyscale undershirts. You might see examples of a few other types of clothing, but for the most part, men's fashion just isn't selling as well as women’s in the best seller section.


most sold items on amazon

Instrument accessories rule the best seller section in the Music category. Instrument stands of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of instruments are abundant and overwhelmingly represented in this category, especially guitar stands. Accessories for guitars take up half of the top 10 slots in the best seller category.

Almost every product is under $50 several of them even under $25. These are excellent choices for products as well because hobbyist musicians are abundant, which means there are plenty of people looking for an accessory for their instrument that is on the inexpensive side.

If you are looking to buy a best selling instrument from Amazon then your most likely option is a recorder of some description. They are all small, lightweight, inexpensive instruments which ensures that they are easy to ship and affordable, two qualities that are abundant in best selling online shopping products.

Cooking & Food

The Kitchen and Dining section is overwhelmed by different kinds of drink containers. This makes sense as they are very popular right now and have been for a long time, they likely will be in the future as well. With everyone focused on being healthy and protecting the environment having reusable, portable, water containers are perceived as being both trendy and eco-friendly.

Another very popular item overall, even outside the category, is the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. It ranks as one of Amazon's most bought products right now. As a counter-top appliance, it likely needs replacing often but is equally useful which makes it worth replacing for most shoppers.

Other popular items in the Kitchen & Dining category are mostly other counter-top appliances. Blenders, scales, fryers, coffee machines, many things that are found on the counters of kitchens in almost every American home.

Unsurprisingly, there is also an abundance of cooking aids and accessories like thermometers, measuring bowls, funnels, and can openers. All excellent products that meet many of the earlier stated requirements for best-selling products. They are all inexpensive to make which makes them affordable for many people, they perform simple functions that are important for most homes, and cooking is a fantastic place for marketing. Many people like to think they are excellent cooks and what excellent cook doesn't deserve fantastic tools to work with?

In conclusion

Understanding buying and selling strategies and analyzing trends are the most important parts of being a fantastic amazon seller or a savvy shopper. Practicing your skills and making a concerted effort to improving your capabilities is sure to get you far. Learning these lessons will push your game to the next level and ensure that you are always getting what you want from your endeavors regarding Amazon.

Whether you are a prospective merchant or an enthusiastic shopper you can benefit from the tips in this article, even the most discerning of Amazon enthusiasts always have something to learn. Using this information and these tips should provide a deeper insight into the buying and selling habits of Amazon merchants and consumers.

Whatever it is that you have an interest in, Amazon most likely has it and they want you to know that everyone knows it.

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