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Viral Lunch Review: The Ultimate Research Tool

Posted on: 20-03-20-Fri 01:49
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What is Viral Launch?
Viral Launch Features
Which Marketplaces Can I use with Viral Launch?
Viral Launch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?
Other Services Offered by Viral Launch
Is Viral Launch Worth the Investment?
How to use Viral Launch Free Trial
How Can I Cancel Viral Launch?
Customer Service

With more people jumping on the Amazon marketplace train, competition would keep getting tougher, with sellers increasing rapidly.  

Dealing with deliveries, payments, returns, refunds and other aspects of e-commerce can be demanding – especially when the seller doesn’t have the pool of resources to do so effectively. Amazon marketplace doesn’t just offer shoppers a great marketplace; it is a great business platform for entrepreneurs. Amazon help e-merchants remove the hassles of logistics – a critical aspect of any business. 

With competition growing and optimization needing more than just copywriting, more tools made to optimize FBA activities are coming out. One of such is Viral Launch, an Amazon product research tool for sellers.

What is Viral Launch?

viral launch free trial

Viral Lunch is a multi-functional system that integrates a variety of tools and software into one platform. In short, Viral Launch is the kind of online tool sellers can use to get insights into Amazon FBA. With its superb data integration with Amazon database, you can use Viral Launch for various sectors of the marketplace to discover opportunities, keep a tab on competitors’ tactics, optimize and improve your product listings and track the performance of your business. 

In this review of Viral Launch, we dig into the features of this popular Amazon product research tool so you can see where it can help your business. The tool gives you access to different tools you can use to identify profitable products you can sell on amazon. With it, you can discover high-value keywords that can help push your listings to the front of customers searching on amazon.

Viral Launch Features

The Viral Launch product research platform comes with many integrated valuable features, all of which sellers can use to launch their products on the Amazon marketplace. 

Viral Launch Product Discovery

This is one of the most important tools on this platform. It helps sellers on amazon search for products in an easy way without having to sweep through several spreadsheets.

Viral launch product discovery features let sellers search for profitable products they can sell. As a seller, this is most likely the first feature you will use on the platform – as it let you search for products you can sell on amazon and make profits. It comes with game-changing filters that can help you dig deep on niches and niches on Amazon.

These filters help sellers discover trending products that will suit the needs of their business model.

Sellers can also use it to scout the source of a product – making acquisition easier.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence tool is another important slice of the Viral Launch amazon product research toolkit. 

You can use this tool to help you uncover those products that are perfect for your first listings on an Amazon store

It allows you to choose a product; and then generate comprehensive reports such as; historical sales data, sales estimates, present prices, and current trends about the product. Backed with such incredible and powerful product data, amazon sellers can easily choose products that are best suited to their business model.

This tool is a big plus to sellers when it comes to searching for profitable products – with their five-star verification system very helpful in determining possible profit if you want to source and sell a product.

Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

viral launch chrome extension

Keywords are important in ranking products successfully – whether on search engines or the Amazon marketplace. 

With the keyword research tool in Viral launch, you can extract valuable keyword data directly from amazon. It comes with superb filters that help you weeds out unrelated keywords. At times, there are keywords that even competitors would overlook, you can use this tool to discover such keywords and rank your listings – boosting your sales in the process.

On amazon, it is usually advisable to find profitable keywords with less competition. Viral Launch keyword research tool helps a lot with that. Many sellers are going for keywords with less competition but high traffic.

Viral Launch Listing Optimization

The Listing Optimization kit includes various tools that sellers can use to help create a perfect description for their products on the Amazon marketplace. Optimizing your listing would make your product more visible when buyers are browsing through amazon for products.

After selecting the specific product you want to sell, simply put in few particulars about your item on this tool set. It will then provide you with helpful suggestions. 

The tool can analyze your product listing to produce recommendations on the best optimization approach for improved rankings on amazon. 

The Viral Launch Product Listing Optimization feature includes three various apps, including the Keyword Manager, Listing Analyzer, and the Listing Builder.

  • Listing Analyzer: This tool helps you understand how your listings are performing. By using information straight from your item, you’re able to examine in real-time how your product listing is faring in all important aspects compared to leading competitors in your product market. Listing Analyzer provides sellers with a Review Evaluation, Competition Analysis, Listing Text Analysis, Photo Analysis, and a list of the most important keywords. It also grades your listing on a scale of 1-100, so you can view the average performance of your listing.
  • Keyword Manager: Depending on the nature of the merchandise you sell, you will likely need to keep track of hundreds of keywords. Are your products correctly indexed? Are you ranking in the proper place with the right keywords? Are your sponsored ads showing up in the right place? Sellers with multiple items will have to monitor more keywords. This is where the keyword manager comes in; it helps you understand what each keyword is doing to your listings – ranking or just sitting idle there. From a simple to use dashboard, you can view the analytics of all your keywords. It helps you check if you are indexed or not

Viral Launch Product Launch Service

This is an added deal that users can take advantage of, though it is not part of the main subscription. This is basically a traffic generation service that drives customers to your product listings – giving you the sales velocity, which is very important when launching a new product.

The professionals at Viral Launch are quite impressive in driving external traffic to Amazon listings.

With this service, they do a lot of hard work for you.

The product launch traffic service helps you distribute coupons, made available by you, to a group of more than 300,000 prospective customers who frequently shop on the Amazon platform.

Viral Launch PPC Optimization – Kinetic PPC

Another wonderful tool available on Viral Launch platform is the “Kinetic PPC” feature. The tool helps sellers to maximize their profits with paid-per-click advertising. It allows you to set up custom rules for automation in your PPC campaigns – allowing you to bring down costs and increase profit – you increase and reduce spending where necessary.

Amazon PPC has become more popular over the years if you want to succeed on Amazon; you need to take it very seriously. PPC advertising with the Viral Launch Kinetic PPC tool can help you bring in a good fortune.

The Kinetic Optimization system integrates an automation feature that allows sellers to make specific rules. You can set up these rules easily, which will be triggered on specific events or actions. This helps you optimize your PPC campaigns and adjust them according to the stat, which the application has taken. The application using the stat; guides you through the setting of the PPC campaigns.

If you don’t have much time on your hand to set up the campaign, viral launch helps with incredibly perfect templates you can quickly use. Viral Launch offers several templates which you can simply use and get your product launch on track. These models have been made to make the most of the click-through rate of the PPC ad campaigns you want to run.

Apart from providing you with an automated way of optimizing your PPC campaigns, this feature also provides sellers with accurate statistics regarding the PPC ads you are running. It also helps you compare PPC results with organic results and reveals where to optimize and adjust.

PPC feature is like having an in-house Amazon PPC guru.

Chrome Extension

Viral Launch provides a chrome extension for its users to make product research on amazon much easier. This extension is installed on the browser directly – allowing users to do product research without leaving the page they are. The feeling is calming to the mind – as navigating between windows can be very frustrating.

This chrome extension is the market intelligence tool feature stated earlier in the article.

As stated, the chrome extension makes product research easy.

The feature can help sellers find keywords, product ideas, and other essentials that will, in due course, help nurture your amazon business.

Instead of you having to log into the dashboard of Viral Launch and stay there to conduct research, the Extension allows you to pretty head over to Amazon directly to discover products you might want to list on the marketplace. With the extension, users can scan the marketplace manually and also use the Viral Launch product research tool.

As you surf the marketplace, you will gain more insight into niches, categories, and even precise products – all from the same window you use to search the marketplace.

Which Marketplaces Can I use with Viral Launch?

Viral Lunch product research tool is primarily focused on the US audience though there are tools that target only the United States. Most amazon buyers re from the United States, a reason why it looks like Viral Launch is focused on the marketplace. 

While there are some product research tools that can target only buyers in the United States, Viral Launch can help you with product research on other countries.

Apart from being able to do product research on the US Amazon platform, Viral Launch also supports the following marketplaces:

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Italy
  5. Mexico
  6. Spain
  7. United Kingdom

Viral Launch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Viral Launch

There is no viral launch free trial, so viral launch offers amazon sellers a number of various products and services. Pricing of Viral Launch is on a monthly deal, if you sign for the annual plan, you get two months free subscription. Besides, with the monthly subscription service, there are four different plans

These subscriptions are customized to provide the right tools and features based on both your needs and your budgets.

What each Viral Launch Monthly Subscription Looks Like

  • Beginner Plan – This is the perfect plan if you are just getting started and want to list your first product on the Amazon platform. It goes for a monthly subscription payment of $59. The plan allows sellers access to Viral Launch Chrome Extension, the tools Product Finder, in addition to a Reverse ASIN Tool, and the Product Research feature. Starters would definitely find it simpler, making them grow their listing skills one at a time. 
  • Pro Plan – If you have existing item(s) listed on Amazon and would want to nurture your business, the Pro monthly subscription could be perfect. The fee is $99. In addition to the tools included in the Beginner Plan, you also gain access as well to Listing Creation Tool, Amazon Keyword Research Tool, and the Listing Evaluation Tool. You can use the keyword tool to track about 2000 keywords at a go 
  • Brand Builder – This is comparable to the Pro plan as regards features, but comes with an additional feature; the Listing Analyzer. You can use this plan for products ranging to 100, while the keyword tracker gives you access to 5000 Keywords, which is more than double what Pro Plans offer – The monthly fee is $149.
  • Kinetic –The name gives you a clue. This is the most powerful plan on Viral Launch. It allows users to use the competitor intelligence feature for 20 products and also allows access to the sponsored ad management tool on Viral Launch. The sponsored ad management tool can help you set up perfect sponsored ads. It is ideal for getting the yearly plan for the subscription – it will save you some money. The monthly cost of the Kinetic plan is $249.

Other Services Offered by Viral Launch

Launch a Product with Viral Launch

If you are looking to get much sales velocity at the launch of your product, you may want to consider this service. Viral Launch will help you with the smart promotion of your listing to over 340,000 prospective buyers who use Amazon frequently. 

It is an outstanding service you should consider signing up for if you have some extra buck.

The fee for a single product, 15-day launch varies according to the marketplace:

  • Canada – $100 One Time
  • France – $50 One Time
  • Germany – $100 One Time
  • Italy – $50 One Time
  • Spain – $50 – One Time
  • United Kingdom – $100 One Time
  • United States – $200 One Time

Listing/Brand Optimization Service

You can also get your listings and brand optimized by Viral launch’s in-house team of experts.

With a one-time payment, Viral launch will assign a team member to you, with their experienced copywriters crafting the perfect listing for you on Amazon. Unarguably, their copywriters are seasoned in writing perfect titles and descriptions for products in each niche. If you are not that good in copywriting, this is worth considering.

Its pricing packaged to some extent differently for sellers outside of the US marketplace…

If your listings are in non-US markets, you will pay a one-time fee of $397 while US listing optimization goes for $447 for the cheapest plan. 

Viral Launch Photo Creation Service

Using perfect photos for your products can help drive higher clicks and more sales to your listings. A good product photo can help convert more visitors into paying customers. People are always in love with visuals. One powerful way of getting buyers to stick to your page is the right product image. 

Viral launch can help you create the perfect product images for your amazon listings. Investing in this is worth it. 

The pricing for this is quite cheap. With more product images, the price goes down considerably well.

Is Viral Launch Worth the Investment?

To know if a package like Viral Launch is worth investing in, you need to put two things into consideration

First, you must understand what each of the tools is for. Knowing if you truly need the tools for your amazon listings will go a long way in helping you determine their worth.

Also, do some research and know how useful the tool has been for others.

With the wide use of this tool by sellers, especially in the US marketplace, this tool seems to be a worthy investment if you have the budget. Viral Launch is popular and highly rated by sellers on Amazon – obviously due to its high effectiveness. The reason for this is obvious also;, the product was conceived and designed by people who have the experience of selling on Amazon.

In our opinion, Viral Launch does come with a lot of useful tools when it comes to amazon marketplace product research.

If you can take time to study how Viral Launch works, paying for the monthly subscription would be the least of your worries as the success rate is quite impressive. 

The money you could earn in potential sales when you’ve found one very profitable, the marketable product can bring you a huge fortune that sets you for years. Most sellers with worth profit on the Amazon marketplace are making use of automated product research tools like Viral Launch. However, if you are interested in exploring an alternative to Viral Launch, a tool worthwhile considering is IO Scout free Amazon seller tools , especially the benefits of Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Definitely an asset to any Amazon FBA selling business.

How to use Viral Launch Free Trial

Though the availability of features and tools can look limited during the trial period, Viral Launch gives you enough access to help you choose if their amazon product research tool will be good for your business.

You can easily sign up for their free trial if you are unsure if the product will deliver to your expectations. 

After the end of the trial, you can upgrade with ease to one of their paid monthly plans or the one-time plans. 

How Can I Cancel Viral Launch?

If you sign up for Viral Launch and after using you realize the tool would probably not be working for your products on Amazon, you might want to cancel the membership. One great thing about the Viral Launch free trial is; you don’t need to sign any type of contract to become a member.

Choosing the monthly fee gives you much more flexibility.

It is essential you know Viral launch works on a no refund approach, which is why they are giving out a free trial to everyone – so you can use the trial to determine if to put your money on the tool or walk away.

You can, nevertheless, stop your subscription on the platform whenever you want – but your subscription would continue to work till the end of your last paid cycle. 

If you subscribe to their monthly plans, it merely means you can continue accessing the platform till the following month – with no subscription fee charged to your account.

The members with annual plans will also have access to Viral Launch until the present cycle ends.

Those with an annual membership plan will, however, have to continue being a member for the remainder of the period.

Customer Service

Viral launch provides very responsive and friendly customer service. If for any reason, you need to get in touch with them, their customer service is always ready to hear from you at any time of the day.

Final Thoughts on Viral Launch

If you check the ratings of Viral Launch on Trust Pilot and other rating platforms, it is pretty clear the amazon product research, and optimization tool enjoy great patronage and reputation.

Easy to use, simple to operate, the platform is quite affordable when compared to other alternative tools. They offer a decent service that can take your amazon marketplace business to the next level. 

With the wide range of features available on Viral Lunch, you can grow from a newbie to an experienced seller on the marketplace without using any other resource.

Using the free trial, you can test out the services on Viral Launch before deciding to subscribe.

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