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What To Sell On Amazon: A Complete Guide

Posted on: 20-02-27-Thu 06:33
Home Guide to Selling on Amazon What To Sell On Amazon: A Complete Guide

best items to sell on amazon

If you are looking to become a merchant on Amazon, you know that the struggle of deciding which item is right is real as it directly affects your sales, performance, and income. Before launching goods on this marketplace, you should first evaluate your expertise and interests then you must analyze the market to determine the demand and need of shoppers.

Amazon is definitely a huge platform that brings opportunities for both shoppers as well as merchants. With more than 398 million different kinds of goods not only does it offer shoppers everything they are looking for but also gives plenty of options to choose from for launching on the marketplace. It is natural that when you have so many options it gets quite difficult to decide which goods would be the perfect ones to launch and then the confusion starts.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned merchant, if you are thinking of introducing a new item on the platform, you will go through this process of choosing the most appropriate item. Every merchant faces this problem but there are certain factors that you must consider while picking the item. These factors will definitely help you choose the suitable item quickly.

Since the ultimate goal of every merchant is to generate high sales and in turn high income, picking the right item is necessary for achieving your goal and objectives. This brings us back to the tricky question which ones are the best items to sell on amazon?

In simple words, you should try to pick an item that requires less investment but can produce high income. Furthermore, you must go for the item which is actually wanted by the purchasers meaning it has a high demand and it should not have a lot of competition. To determine these factors, the right approach is to determine the expenses associated with launching that item and the money it is going to produce.

Moreover, one need to examine the trends and details which includes sales, rank, reviews, etc. of the same goods offered by your rivals. All in all, one must do thorough research to evaluate the market and the needs and requirements of purchasers.

Here you must know that this is only the starting step to success, you also required to work on several other aspects to actually produce high sales. The factors include optimizing your listings through the suitable keywords, keeping tabs on your rivals, etc.

If you are wondering about what are the best items to sell on amazon that can aid you in earning a high income, this article is the right place. So keep on reading!

Choosing The Right Item

As mentioned above, many elements and factors need to be considered while selecting an item.

Below, we have listed the most important factors that you must focus on for deciding what to sell on amazon to make money  

Dig in the Best Selling Categories on Amazon

It is not a hidden fact that every merchant is targeting for the no. 1 sales rank but for that, they need to sell as many units as possible. This can obviously be possible if you offer the buyers something that is exactly what they need. So when you are picking an item, pay attention to its demand which can be done by examining the no. of sales of the top selling items sold by other merchants.

By exploring the top selling categories you will come across good options and you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Less competition

Along with demand, you must also focus on the competition that the item has. This means you should opt for the item which is not already offered by too many merchants otherwise you as a beginner will definitely struggle to attract buyers to your item.

There are many merchants who made this mistake of selecting the item which is highly desired by the shoppers but it was also being sold by many other competitors and hence they failed to perform. So now you know how important these aspects are.

Small and Lightweight Items but not Fragile

When you are introducing your first item on the platform, it is wise that you choose an item that is light and small in size. Such items are not easier to sell but also have less FBA and storage costs. This means with such items your initial investment will be less. Also, try to choose items with less referral fees to further reduce investment.

It is also important to select items that can be manufactured easily and are not easily breakable. When you choose items made of glass they have higher chances of breaking during shipping. Furthermore, items like electronics can have a complicated manufacturing process. So avoid picking such items and go for the simple ones. Not to mention, such items will also require more investment.

Moreover, you should also focus on the packaging of the item whether it is fragile or not. The packagings should be as such that it is attractive yet it can keep the item secure during shipping.

Don’t go for seasonal Items

Now, this is very important to consider. You must avoid picking the seasonal items because they will sell only during that specific season and you want to make income throughout the year. For example, if you choose Christmas bell, they will only be in demand during Christmas and you won’t have much orders for the rest of the year.

Profitable Item

This is a must-have trait. The ultimate goal of every merchant is to earn as much profit for the item they are offering as possible. So while you are taking other factors into account you must focus on this aspect as well.

Ensure that you determine all your expenses associated with selling an item beforehand and subtract it from expected revenue to determine your profit. It goes without saying, you should discard the idea of launching an item which is not expected to produce a good profit.

Furthermore, it is better if you go for the items that will have a retail price of somewhere between $30-$50 as these have high chances of making better sales. Items that are too expensive are less likely to generate a lot of sales because the common man doesn’t purchase such items frequently even though it is offering good quality.

Avoid the Market Already Captured by Big Names

Now, this is another important factor that must be considered while picking the right item. When you begin the quest for discovering the right item, you must analyze the market to determine if it is dominated by 1-2 big players or are the sales distributed among the merchants. If the former is the case, you should drop the idea of introducing that item because it would be very difficult to attract shoppers towards your item when they already trust a big brand.

Items that need Improvement

It is one of the best ideas to go for the item which requires improvement. For this purpose, you can dig into the reviews left by the shoppers on the item’ page and analyze which aspect of the item they are unsatisfied with. This is your opportunity to modify the item and offer buyers what they need. This way they will naturally be attracted to your item.

Use tools to Discover Best Niche and Items

There are many top-notch tools such as IO Scout and Jungle Scout etc. out their which brings you key details of different items in order to help you find the right item. These tools not only save you time but provide accurate results.

These tools also help you with discovering the keywords with high volume which can help you in understanding the demand of a particular item. Furthermore, you can also use these to create attractive listings with the right keywords once you have launched your item.

Recurring purchases

It is a good strategy to choose an item that encourages shoppers to purchase it again and again. This way you will definitely have more sales. Furthermore, you can also look for an item that is a part/accessory of another item with high demand.

For example, let us say you chose a carpet cleaner solution to sell. If people are continuously purchasing carpet cleaners, they will definitely need a solution frequently to use with it and since the solution will finish after some time they will need to purchase it again.

Top Selling Categories on Amazon

Since every merchant wants to pick an item that sells fast, you need to look into the best categories that sell quickly and have high demand. This will not only reduce your storage cost but will also generate more sales.

If you are wondering what can i sell on amazon, below are some of the best categories on Amazon these days.

  • Electronics
  • Toys and Games
  • Books
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • Electronics

things to sell on amazon

Since this is now the era of technology, the demand of electronics devices is on its peak which means this category has several opportunities for you. However, one thing which you should carefully access while picking an item from this category is whether it is offered by amazon or third-party merchant because many items in this category are sold by Amazon itself so it would be difficult to sell such items.

  • Toys and Games

what can you sell on amazon

This is again a very popular niche where you can find several opportunities. Parents these days are buying the favorite games and toys of their kids online because they can find them at a reasonable price. If you look at individual items in the category you will find some items as simple as board games have a lot of sales.

  • Books

products to sell on amazon

Since the trend of online books is now increasing day by day, this category is becoming more popular. There are many options to choose from in this category and so it is a great way to start your business. You can even publish your own books and sell them at a good price.

Did you know Amazon also started as only an online book store in 1995?  

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

items to sell on amazon

This is a very popular category among shopper hence it generates a good amount of sales. However, don’t select this category solely on the basis of how popular it is because there are too many merchants offering stuff in the category. So before you opt to sell an item in this category, ensure you are offering something different than them.

Choose where to source your goods from

After you have selected an item by conducting extensive research based on the above mentioned factors, it is time to think where are you going to get the units from. When it comes to introducing goods, you can do it in one of the different ways available depending on which best match your needs and requirements.

Basically, you have three different types of options for selling an item and your source of the item will depend on the option you choose.

Below we have discussed the type of items you can offer.

Private label Goods

When you offer private label goods it doesn’t require you to invent an item that is totally unique and new. What it means is that you pick and modify it where it needs improvement based on the shoppers' needs. When you do this you will have your own label or brand name/logo on the item and it will automatically have a better quality than your competitors and hence you have more chances of attracting a huge number of shoppers. 

One important question which arises here is that how can you figure out where does a certain item need improvement? Well, it is quite simple actually. You go to the item’s page and read the reviews or feedback that shoppers left on it. There you will see them expressing what did they not like about the item and you can grab this opportunity.

Suppose, shoppers are unhappy with the small tank capacity of a certain carpet cleaner. This is your opportunity to offer them a high-quality cleaner with a large capacity. This way you cleaner will have what the shoppers desire and they will naturally turn to your item. When you choose to offer such goods you need to find the right manufacture for them. An easy way to do this is through the Jungle Scout suppliers database.

Offering Wholesale items

This is another great way to start your journey as a merchant. Let us discuss how is different from the above mentioned method. Well, in this method you don’t put your brand name to the item as you don’t make changes to it rather you purchase units of an item, manufactured by another brand, in bulk and offer them on Amazon.

When you buy units in bulk it will cost you less and you can then offer it on the platform at their original price to earn a profit. This method is easy and doesn’t take much of your time compared to the private label. Hence it is perfect for those busy with some other stuff in their lives and doesn’t have time to deal with branding.

For this method, you would have to find the right supplier which again can be done through the supplier database of Jungle Scout or you can contact the suppliers directly.

Retail Arbitrage

Now, this is another easy way to run a business on the platform. You might have heard of retail arbitrage before where you purchase an item in bulk when it is on discount or sale and offer it on the platform at a higher price. You don’t need any supplier for this type of goods rather you have to keep an eye on the discounts on items available at a nearby superstore etc. and buy it yourself.

You will obviously be earning a profit when you buy an item at a discounted price and sell it at the original price. Here, you might be thinking why would shoppers buy it at the original price when it is available at a discounted price. Well, last minutes shoppers who can find it anywhere else and are eager to get the item will definitely buy it.

Tools to Discover the Right Item

As we mentioned earlier that you need to focus on the important details of similar items such as sales and rank etc. to determine if it is even desired by the buyers or not. This can be quite time-consuming if you do it manually that is why many companies have developed efficient tools that give you accurate results in no time and help you determine the best things to sell on amazon.

Although there are many tools available for this purpose, below we have mentioned the best ones.

IO Scout

what should i sell on amazon

IO Scout is a top-notch tool which has all the means to bring you accurate data within a few minutes. Whether its private label goods you are looking to launch, wholesale items or you want to go with retail arbitrage, this tool has the ability to help you with everything.

Thanks to its huge database of more than 130 million amazon goods which is updated every hour, the tool presents you the exact details of any item you are interested in.

If you are looking to keep tabs on certain items including your competitors’, you can use the tracker tool for this purpose which will show all the key info of the goods including their retail price and sales.

You can also analyze the sales rank of a particular item you are interested in to determine its performance whereas the calculator tool can be used to determine the expenses associated with selling that item. Based on these expenses the tool will also calculate the net profit and margin to give you an idea of the income you can expect to earn from the item.

To estimate the expenses and costs of a new item, you are required to provide details of the item such as its weight and dimensions as well as the retail price.

The tool also helps you in discovering the best selling goods in a particular category. If you have any specifications related to the items you want to see in the results, you can apply filters an provide the range of price, rank and much more. Users can also analyze the trends through graphs.

The app also comes as a chrome plugin which gives you instant details right on the page of the item while browsing amazon.

The app is available in for of 3 different packages; start-up, seller and business. The start-up package costs $29 per month and is ideal for beginners while to get the more advanced function you can purchase either seller or business plan at $49 and $69 per month respectively. To get the taste of what the tool offers, a free trial can be used.

Jungle Scout

best product to sell on amazon

This is another excellent set of tools that helps merchants in improving their performance. From discovering the right item to calculating the profits, the tool helps users with everything.

The tracker tool lets you monitor your favorite items and presents useful info such as total sales, rank and average price, etc. so that you can decide which item is the best one. To determine the estimated income, you can utilize the profit calculator. An option to examine the details through charts is also available.

When you are looking to source your goods, you can make use of the suppliers database which consists of key details of many manufacturers and suppliers so that you can select the right one for your items. The tool also aids you in discovering the appropriate keywords for your listings so that you can land higher in the search results. Moreover it consists of a lot of useful material on how to sell online which can be accessed through “Jungle Scout Academy.”

The plugin of the tool is available for $39 per month or alternatively, it can be purchased for $228 for a year. If you looking to buy the web app, it will cost you $49 every month or $468 annually. A combo package consisting of both the plugin and app is available at $69/month. Although it doesn’t offer any free trial, you can request for a refund within 14 days.

Helium 10

what can i sell on amazon

This toolset also comes with various important features that can help you operate more effectively. The massive database of over 400 million items lets you analyze any item you want so that you can pick the right item.

Another popular feature of this toolset is “Blackbox” which also helps with discovering the best item while it also has a tool that lets you discover the most suitable keywords.

The toolset offers 4 subscription plans which also includes a free one. The rest of the packages Platinum, Diamond and Elite are available for $97, $197 and $397 respectively.


Before you introduce something on a big platform like Amazon, you need to consider several elements such as demand of the item, the investment required, etc. to select the right item. You can also dig into the best selling categories to understand which one is desired by the shoppers. Many efficient tools are available that will help you in discovering the right item.


Q: Can anyone become a merchant on Amazon?

A: Yes. There are no qualifications required an anyone can join the platform as a merchant. 

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